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The importance of testing for Hepatitis should not be underestimated. Although 15% of those infected will suffer no long-term impact, 75% will develop the chronic stage of the disease. As yet there is no cure. People will often ask hepatitis c is it contagious? The simple answer is yes. In the early acute phase of the disease the contagion does not really start until around 1 week or more prior to first symptoms appearing, which is usually 6-7 weeks after infection. Symptoms include fatigue, dark coloured urine, nausea and jaundice, with hepatitis c symptoms in children being the same. Many infected people, particularly children, often display no symptoms at all. After 6 months when sufferers have entered the chronic stage the contagious period is considered to be indefinite. The virus is transmitted via blood to blood contact.

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Acute Hepatitis Lab Tests

The acute stage in the development of the hepatitis virus is the first 6 months following infection. Initial testing generally seeks to identify the presence of Hepatitis C antibodies via a blood test. These antibodies can take up to 6-7 weeks to appear after infection, and may only indicate a prior exposure to the disease and not current infection. In cases where there is considered to have been a known high risk of infection, testing can be done as early as 1 week after infection to analyze blood cells for the presence of live Hepatitis DNA and is a very accurate indicator of infection. Pregnant women need to be especially vigilant, as hepatitis c transmission to fetus is seen in around 5% of cases where the mother has detectable levels of the virus in the bloodstream.

Hepatitis C Lab Tests

Lab tests are a safe and professional way to have your bloods analyzed for possible Hepatitis C infection. Results can be available from companies like KwikMed within a week. An easy online registration procedure followed swiftly by a consultation phase with a Physician will ascertain your qualification for the test. Once you have printed your requisition form, you simply choose a local lab to visit where they will take your blood sample and send it off for expert analysis. The results from KwikMed are quickly communicated to you online in your personal account. Although home testing kits may boast a result within hours, you need to remember that the possibility of inaccuracy in readings can arise if the test is not conducted exactly in accordance with the correct procedure, and in a totally clean environment.

Autoimmune Hepatitis Lab Tests

Autoimmune Hepatitis is a liver disease that arises when the immune system in the body attacks liver cells. Women are more at risk than men. Symptoms are similar to those seen in other Hepatitis strains, and lab tests will look for specific antibodies as an initial signal that the disease is present. Once your lab test results are received, any indication of the presence of Hepatitis in your blood should prompt you to visit your physician to discuss the results and organize further tests to confirm the diagnosis. A liver biopsy is normally required for definitive diagnosis.

How to Test For Hepatitis

Hepatitis testing is conducted by taking a sample of blood from the patient, and analyzing it for the presence of Hepatitis antibodies. Blood tests can also seek to identify Hepatitis RNA and DNA in the blood cells. Once diagnosed definitively, treatment can begin. There is currently no cure for Hepatitis C. No-one can say how much a hepatitis c cure cost will be, but research continues and new advances are being made all the time. Vigilance to avoid transmission of the disease is key in limiting spread, and early commencement of hepatitis c symptoms treatment can reduce the long-term impact of the chronic stage of the disease on the body. Unfortunately the nature of the virus means that there are hepatitis c treatment side effects in many cases, such as depression, tiredness, headaches, and in some cases thyroid problems, shortness of breath and chest pain.

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