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High Sodium and Chloride in Blood EST

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High sodium levels are associated with high blood pressure. Older adults, people with diabetes and African Americans are more prone to blood pressure problems than other people. That said, it can affect anyone based on their physiology, their health and their diet. Watching salt intake is one way to control the sodium levels in the body. The other is to drink more fluids such as water. As with all diets, the key to success is balance.

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High Sodium Count in Lab Work

KwikMed are licensed to prescribe online for a range of medicines. Some of them, like erectile dysfunction medicines, do work to lower blood pressure in order to make sex more fulfilling. The company also offers a chance for a check of high sodium count in lab work. Things such as high creatinine and high sodium can be checked through the Wellness Panel, which is a means of paying for and organizing blood and other testing through a local laboratory. The process involves buying the wellness panel, creating an account and printing an email requisition form that KwikMed will send within 24 hours of the purchase. This can be used at a local lab to do the tests. KwikMed will post the results to your confidential profile within 3-5 days. After you get the results, you may need to consult a doctor to find out the cause of the problems and to organize a suitable treatment plan.

Low Sodium High Glucose Lab Finding

Sodium and glucose levels are often determined through diet and how much is filtered out by the kidneys. A low Sodium in blood/frequent urination combination may be due to either a lack of salt in the diet or an excessive intake of water. High fluid levels naturally dilute the concentration of sodium in the body and also require more urination to restore a healthy liquid balance. When ordering through KwikMed, the doctor will ask for certain blood work results to determine if you are healthy enough for medications like Viagra. They will get a lab order for STD’s, High chloride blood work as well as high phosphorus and low sodium low chloride tests.

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