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You can buy a home Hepatitis test in stores or even online, avoiding any face-to-face contact altogether if preferred. Specific instructions are provided in every test and should be followed to the letter to avoid false results. The risk of contamination from external sources is higher if the test is taken outside a medical environment, and care needs to be taken to sanitize everything thoroughly during the testing process. Home tests involve taking a sample of your own blood, which is then treated with chemicals that will highlight the presence of any Hepatitis antibodies in your blood. They do not indicate a current infection, only that Hepatitis has been present in your body at some point. It is always advisable to discuss your results with a Doctor to arrange further tests and treatment as necessary.

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Hepatitis C Test Kit

Test kits for Hepatitis C come in various forms, the most common being a rapid test kit that will provide results in as little as 20 minutes. The other main type of home test kit is one where you take your blood sample at home, but post it off to a lab for analysis. Awareness of hepatitis c transmission is crucial in limiting the spread of the disease. Hepatitis C is transferred in blood to blood contact only, and hepatitis c transmission urine, saliva or via hugging, sneezing or coughing does not happen.

Hepatitis C Quantitative Test

Also known as the Hepatitis C viral load, the quantitative test for the virus involves a blood test that measures the amount of live Hepatitis C virus in the blood. It is used in diagnosis, and either as a benchmark before treatment starts, or during treatment to monitor the degree of success of the medications being taken. It does not indicate the severity of the disease – this can only be achieved via a liver biopsy. It is possible for a qualitative test to detect the presence of the virus, but for the quantitative test to not record any level – this suggests the virus is present, but at levels so small as to be undetectable.

Blood Test RPR

A Rapid Plasma Reagin test (RPR) is used to detect syphilis, not Hepatitis C, but getting checked for other STDs whilst you are having any blood test is a good idea. Symptom recognition can help sufferers get quicker access to medications that will help to control Hepatitis C and the impact of its physical manifestations. Hepatitis c symptoms in men and women tend to be similar – fatigue, joint pain, itchy skin, sore muscles, dark urine and jaundice. Many individuals with the virus show no symptoms at all, and this is one of the reasons why the virus is so dangerous. There is no hepatitis c vaccine, and left undiagnosed the virus can run amok in the body causing significant damage to your liver and other complications that may lead to causal hepatitis c kidney failure.

How To Test For Hepatitis C

KwikMed are a licensed company offering testing services in the US. Register online, undergo a brief consultation phase with a physician online, and if applicable you will be prescribed a test. The approval form will be used by your local lab as authority to perform the blood test and analysis for you, and results are back in your KwikMed online account in a few days. The whole process can be done professionally within 1 week. There is no current cure for the virus, but hepatitis c treatment medications are readily available once a diagnosis has been confirmed, and can assist greatly in the management of the disease in its chronic (post 6 months) stage. Medical treatments can have side effects, and although no hepatitis c cure natural is available, natural remedies can help ease symptoms.

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