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How Long Does Staxyn Last

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Erectile dysfunction isn’t just limited to older men; young men can also be affected by the condition. A range of factors can contribute to its development, which include low mood and being under stress. However, there is the possibility that a serious medical problem may be the cause of erectile dysfunction. Staxyn is a highly effective drug that contains an active ingredient that is able to tackle the route of the problem when poor circulation is the issue causing erectile dysfunction. How long does Staxyn last or how long does Staxyn work are questions that people frequently ask their doctor. Staxyn remains effective for a number of hours, as long as the man remains aroused. These tablets can be bought from KwikMed, which is an approved pharmacy available online.

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How Long Staxyn Last

If you were wondering, how does Staxyn work? its ingredients prevent the PDE5 enzyme from being activated. The role of PDE5 is to aid constriction of the blood vessels supplying the penis, preventing an erection, as these are only possible when the penis has a good blood supply. How long Staxyn last after taking is dependent on factors other than the drug itself; it is influenced by a man’s general health, which may not be good if they are using Staxyn to boost their sex life. Therefore as to how long the effects of Staxyn lasts is very much determined by someone’s individual circumstances. Although the specific time for effect can’t be given, it will be a number of hours, though this is dependent on him being aroused sexually.

How to Take Staxyn

You may be contemplating is Staxyn better than other medications for erectile dysfunction? It is not possible to give a definitive answer, as this varies from person to person. If you buy Staxyn you will note that it comes as a small pill that you allow to dissolve on your tongue. The medication can only be bought as a 10mg dosage. Although the pills can be taken daily, you are advised to only take them on the days when you intend to engage in sexual activity. Remember, at the most you can take one tablet over the course of 24 hours. You should consume the medication an hour prior to having sex to allow it to take effect. Take the tablets with food, but avoid having a drink at the same time, owing to their ability to dissolve so readily. How long does Staxyn last is ultimately down to the man if he experiences a loss of arousal after taking a pill.

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