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Is HIV Curable if Caught Early

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Scientists are continuing to develop treatments for HIV, but at the moment nothing has been developed that works. Catching HIV early will not cure someone of the disease, but it may make it easier for them to live longer and to starve off the deadly form of the disease, AIDs for longer. Sadly, the sentiment that HIV curable if caught early is not true yet. Testing remains important for two key reasons. Firstly, it allows for early treatment to delay the onset of AIDS and to prevent it altogether. Secondly, it allows men and women to know their health and to take precautions to prevent its spread and to alert former lovers of possible infections. This is why KwikMed are able to offer a HIV/AIDS STD test.

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Blog for HIV and AIDS Sufferers

Whether diagnosed or awaiting a test result, it is a good idea to read blogs on HIV and AIDS. this is not just to gain more information on the diseases, but to see how normal life can be now with these problems. A lot has changed in the last decade or two. Examples may include HIV-and-us.blogspot.co.co.uk/?m=1. Before considering unprotected sex, it is worth examining HIV/std testing statistics college and other locations to see patterns and problems. The slogan on AIDS prevention should be safe sex and testing. It is a problem that can affect all people, of all ages and from all backgrounds and is not limited to old and tired stereotypes.

Why STD Testing is Important

STD testing is vital for both men and women. Unprotected sex and sharing needles in some cases, is risking picking up one or more diseases. Furthermore, the more often this risk is taken the more likely it is to catch one. A great many STDs, including HIV, have no obvious symptoms. STDs are commonly associated with sores and visible signs, but HIV, Chlamydia and others do not show them in most cases. It can be the case that STD rates are higher than officially shown because a series of HIV test in Tokyo have shown actual rates to be far higher than official ones.

Can HIV Take Home Kit Tested Positive for STD Disease

It is common to ask how treatable is HIV if caught early, but the answer, as noted, is that it is not treatable. Testing for HIV involves a blood test that initially looks for an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in order to identify HIV antibodies. This is then retested. HIV testing is seen as one of the most accurate going. KwikMed are licensed to offer this test in America and it involves a simple process with the company. In order to order a test, the patient needs to create an account with the company and then to access it. They will be required to partake in a consultation phase that allows a physician to sign off on the prescribed test. These tests involve taking a requisition form, which is emailed, to a local lab. This will be where the blood test is drawn and where it will be analyzed. Results will take up to five days to reach your KwikMed account.

Effects of Not Partaking an HIV Test

If left undiagnosed and untreated, the question of whether HIV is curable is the same as herpes simplex virus you might ask if a HSV infection caught early curable, but it still is not. It is the same for HIV. At some point in the future the HIV virus will multiply in the blood and will become full blown AIDS. This will lead to the shutting down of the immune system making even minor infections to healthy individuals potentially fatal. Once testing has been done and the result is known, the best advice is to see professional help in terms of both instructions from a physician and counselling on how to cope with HIV and what to do next in terms of lifestyle. Having someone to talk to is a vital element of coming to terms with HIV.

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