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Is Ocella a Mini Pill

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Ocella is an oral contraceptive pill that has been approved by the FDA for sale in America. Like other pills of its kind, Ocella should be taken once a day at the same time in order to regulate the ovulation cycle and to work as a 99% effective contraceptive. It is generally safe to take, but it is worth discussing any health concerns with your physician before completing the prescription.

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Is It Easy to Get Pregnant After Taking Ocella

For the majority of women taking Ocella, their chances of getting pregnant will return to normal after taking Ocella. This medication is a prescription only pill in the United States of America. This means it is illegal to sell without prescription or to buy a generic copy. To do so is to risk your own health and to risk the pill being ineffective.

Is Ocella a Progesterone Only Pill

Is the birth control Ocella a combo pill? Yes it is. OCella is not a progesterone only pill, but is a combination medicine. The primary ingredient that links Ocella to other combination medicines including Zarah, Yasminelle and Beyaz, is Drospirenone. It is then combined with an estrogen product, ethinylestradiol to create a birth control pill.

How Long Will It Take to Get Pregnant Afrer Using Ocella

Like with all combination oral contraceptive pills, it may take some time for your menstrual cycle to return fully to normal. The pill may be completely effective within the first month of quitting its use. How to write a prescription for Ocella? That is simple. KwikMed are licensed to prescribe Ocella in America. Register with them, then take part in a confidential consultation to ensure it is safe for you to take the medication. You will then be asked to pay for the product and to arrange delivery. Do you have questions about Ocella? KwikMed is avialble to help answer questions such as, is Necon 135 a mini pill and how does Necon birth control Work.

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