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Is The Morning After Pill Available Online?

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Ella works as a strong morning after pill that can now be prescribed online as well as through a pharmacy. This medicine was approved by the FDA for prescription sale in 2010 and it has since become well known for its effectiveness in helping women avoid an unwanted pregnancy. It is, however, an emergency contraception only and should not be seen as a regular contraceptive option as opposed to when you get prescription for Loestrin 24 fe online. This is because, despite its effectiveness relative to rivals, it still will prevent about 60% of pregnancies.

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How Often Can I Take Ella

You should take Ella just once. This should be within five days of unprotected sex. The reason for this happening is not important, what is important is that you take only one Ella pill and no other morning after pill or regular contraceptive medicine such as Loestrin birth control. Swallow the pill as soon as you have received it and have read the instructions. Take it with a glass of water.

Is There Any Online Stores That Sell Morning After Pills?

In terms of how to get morning after pill, it is possible to get a prescription online through KwikMed. This opportunity is possible because KwikMed are licensed to prescribe online. Getting Ella online quick is essential because of the five day working period of the medicine. To complete your purchase you will need to register an account with the company and then take part in a consultation. This will make sure there are no health reasons not to take it. After this, select an express delivery service and pay for the medicine.

How to Buy Ella

When you get the morning after online pill it is important to do so legally. It is illegal to buy generic Ella, to import foreign copies or to buy the medicine without prescription. This is for your own safety as untested medicines can not only be ineffective, but could cause complications. Ella does have some side effects, which are known and can be controlled. The medicine will cause abdominal pain and it will cause temporary menstrual disorder. Persistent problems or the development of headaches, nausea and other symptoms, should lead to talking to a physician for advice and help. Overall, Ella is safe to take and no long term problems have been noted yet, but it is recommended for use as an emergency pill only.

How to Get The Morning After Pill

The crucial element in taking Ella, unlike pills like Loestrin 24 is timing. Sperm can exist outside of the body for up to five days. Ella works by holding up the ovulation cycle by the same amount of time. It does this by acting as an antagonist and partial agonist. This has the effect of making it harder for the sperm to find the egg and to make you pregnant. Obviously, the earlier you take pill, the better chance you have of avoiding this. KwikMed is here to answer all your questions on the morning after pill. Many have important questions about the morning after pill where to buy and is it legal, and KwikMed can answer. Some look for morning after pill 35 dollars or less, and the truth is, depending on the market, the cost of the morning after pill can drop and move up at any time.

Learn how to buy ella® online at KwikMed.com

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