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How well Levitra, an erectile dysfunction medication, works for you partly depends on how you take it. Levitra and food might not be an appropriate combination, depending on what form of the medication you are taking and what you’re eating and drinking. You can eat before, after or when you are taking Levitra, but you need to follow medical guidelines.

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Levitra and Fatty Foods

The absorption of Levitra in your body might be slowed by fatty foods, such as French fries and deep-fried chicken. A random study presented by the Canadian Urological Association found that a meal high in fat, with over 50 percent fat, delayed the absorption of Levitra in the study participants by about 60 minutes. Foods below 30 percent fat did not have the same effect. Levitra starts working within an hour of the dose if your body absorbs it at a normal rate. Levitra and fatty foods together will not stop the absorption of Levitra, but it may slow down the onset of the effects. If you read many Levitra testimonials you will see that many report the effect of fatty foods on the rate at which the medication works. Levitra and food, in itself, is not a combination that will prevent you from feeling the Levitra ingredients benefits.

Levitra Food Interactions

You may take Levitra and food or take it without food. Do not take Levitra with a fatty meal if you are planning on sexual activity within an hour or two of taking the medicine. If you are taking the rapidly dissolving tablet, do not place the tablet in food for your dose. The tablet is meant to dissolve on your tongue and should not be chewed in your mouth. Levitra food interactions center on grapefruit and grapefruit juice. Levitra may interact with grapefruit and cause serious side effects, so ask your doctor before you eat or drink any grapefruit products while taking this medication. Some people find they would rather go with Levitra alternatives, care must be taken however to assure that the alternatives are safe ones.

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