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Loss of Appetite and Weight Loss

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Although it isn’t always easy to lose weight when you try to, unintentional weight loss is often a sign of ill-health. For instance, several lung conditions, including severe chest infections, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer, can cause weight loss and reduced hunger. Even if you don’t have any other symptoms, losing weight unintentionally, whether or not you have a reduced appetite, should always be investigated. This gives you the best chance of getting an early diagnosis, so that any underlying health problem is picked up when it is most treatable.

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Loss of Appetite Causes

There are various reasons why a lung condition may cause poor appetite. Firstly, if you have other symptoms, these may put you off eating. This might occur due to feeling generally unwell with an infection, not feeling like you have the energy to prepare a meal or if you have breathing difficulties. Generally, eating makes shortness of breath worse, so you may find that you have to stop part way through a meal. Equally, a full stomach tends to interfere with the muscles you use to breathe, so this may encourage you to only eat smaller portions if eating a full meal hinders your breathing. Feeling full after only eating a small amount is also a common symptom of lung cancer, as metabolic changes caused by the tumor may suppress your appetite. Finally, if you are low in mood due to your diagnosis or as a consequence of an already poor dietary intake, this can further hamper your desire to eat.

Reasons for Weight Loss

If you are eating less than usual, this is a common reason for losing weight without trying. However, an additional reason why you may lose weight unintentionally with a respiratory disease is that you have increased energy requirements as a result of your illness. For example, fighting an infection is energy intensive, which explains the significant weight loss seen in people with TB and pneumonia. Your body also needs more energy when you have COPD, as breathing is much more effortful, so you use more energy per breath. Cancer is another condition that increases your metabolic rate, which is partly why many people with lung cancer become undernourished. While malnutrition is common among serious lung diseases, it is not inevitable, as there are steps to manage reduced appetite and weight loss.

No Appetite

If you find that you get early satiety, eating little and often is the best strategy to maximize your intake of calories and nutrients. When suffering from poor appetite, it is also acceptable to choose foods higher in fat and sugar to increase your calorie intake. However, if you are a smoker, cutting out cigarettes won’t just protect your lungs from further damage, it may also help if you don’t feel hungry, as nicotine reduces your appetite. To give your appetite a boost, buy Chantix to help you quit. If you have not been able to give up cigarettes previously, you are much more likely to succeed with Chantix.

Can’t Stop Losing Weight

The inclusion of extra nutritious snacks and calorie-dense foods will help to slow weight loss. However, if you continue to lose weight, your doctor may suggest a supplement drink to help meet your nutritional requirements. These drinks are packed with calories and protein to help meet your increased needs during respiratory illness. Another point to consider is quitting smoking, as this won’t just help you to stop feeling full quickly, it will also help to bring down your metabolic rate to allow you to conserve energy. This is another great reason to buy Chantix online today.

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