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Scientists Offer New Insight Regarding Male Infertility

Infertility issues affect more than 3 million American couples. Trying to start a family can be a heartbreaking time instead of an exciting one for those who cannot conceive. Feelings of sadness, inadequacy and guilt can often plague both sexes.

It’s very common for people to initially assume that if the pregnancy isn’t occurring it is because of  issues with her own fertility bit it’s also common for men to experience fertility issues of their own. New research has been able to find a genetic link associated with infertility in men that may lead the medical community closer to new developments in fertility treatments. If the issue deals partially with the obstacle of erectile dysfunction, it’s possible to get Viagra pills which may help the issue. There is some debate regarding which is better,  Levitra vs Viagra. Both are considered to be the good blue pill.

Male Infertility May Be Linked to a Genetic Issue 

Scientists are now realizing that there is a genetic mutation that affects roughly 20% of men and can lead to fertility issues. Essentially these men lack a certain protein that helps lead the sperm smoothly to the egg and also it helps prevent the woman’s immune system from attacking what it views as an intruder in the body. When this is missing, conception becomes increasingly difficult.

The Study of Male Infertility 

In order to gather this information, the study looked at nearly 500 Chinese couples looking to start a family. Researchers were able to find that for men who had two copies of the gene which contained the mutation, they had a 30% lower chance of being able to start a family.

Upon further investigation however it’s been found that this issue alone generally isn’t the cause, in fact if the man has other positive traits that would help him be fertile, they can counteract then bad affects and therefore steer away from infertility in men.This was the recent focus of a New York Times article. It went out to explain that if a man has better sperm motility or a higher concentration of sperm he may be able to overcome the initial limiting factors associated with the gene mutation. 

Back the initial study of then 500 couples – in these men with the genetic mutation they were no all unable to conceive a child, however it simply took many of them longer than it would take men without the genetic mutation. Now that this information has been made public and is being researched further in the medical community, changes that we will see new treatments targeting male infertility is likely. One such treatment that is being discussed is the use of vaginal gel that would help allow the sperm to travel freely and essentially take the place of then missing male protein.

New Male Infertility Treatments On The Horizon

In other male infertility news, another potentially helpful treatment is coming to fruition. Researchers in Japan tested a new infertility treatment that was highly effective in treating mice. This exciting new treatment uses stem cells that come from an embryo. Then there are germ cells used that are able to help sperm production increase. While these treatments are still being tested, we are getting closer every day to finding more and more treatments that will help couples start families when they are ready.

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