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For both men and women, looking after their health is very important. Men find it harder to go to visit physicians and do face to face health checks. It is, however, possible to do many checks at home using the Men’s Wellness Panel. This is designed to help men look at a wide range of possible health problem indicators. These include PSA tests, urinalysis, mens IH level, electrolyte, lipids, thyroids and testosterone.

Test Price Order
Complete Blood Count (CBC) $39 Order Now
Cholesterol – Lipid Panel $49 Order Now
Online Drug Testing $99 Order Now
Electrolyte Screening $49 Order Now
Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence) Panel $99 Order Now
Men’s Fertility Screening $89 Order Now
Women’s Fertility Screening $89 Order Now
Liver Function Testing $49 Order Now
PSA Testing (A test that screens for prostate cancer) $49 Order Now
Renal – Kidney Testing $49 Order Now
Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening $225 Order Now
Thyroid Function Testing $49 Order Now
Urinalysis Panel $29 Order Now
Men’s Wellness Screening $159 Order Now
Women’s Wellness Screening $159 Order Now

Magnesium and Thyroid Health

The thyroid health panel will determine if you have any problems with the thyroid gland. Men’s health checks are an important way of preserving health and in the long term, cutting costs. Preventative care is always better and cheaper than reactive care. When taking any medicine as a result of this diagnosis, remember to read the instructions thoroughly and follow the advice of your physician. Many medications cannot be combined with each other, certain other conditions or with other substances. For example, erectile dysfunction medications do not mix well with nitrate medicines, with cardiovascular disease and with alcohol.

Labs to Order for Frequent Urination

Frequent urination could be normal, but it could also be an indicator for a problem such as benign prostatic hyperplasia, so it is a good idea to perform a urinalysis routine with the Men’s Wellness Panel. If you have low phosphate, blurred vision or increased Chloride levels then taking part in such a test may help. It is important to remember that any medication used as a result of your test results, should be legal. It is illegal to buy prescription only medications without prescription in America.

Male and Female White Blood Cell Count

Checking the white blood cell count is important for diagnosing certain conditions. Blood tests can also be used to test for low glucose high sodium and to see if you have low lipid levels and what does that mean to your overall health. To receive the Men’s Wellness Panel, you will need to select a lab panel, login or register as a new KwikMed customer, take part in a consultation then pay for the product. After this you should print out your lab requisition form, which you will receive by email within 24 hours of your purchase, go to a laboratory to do the test then wait 3-5 days for KWikMed to process and post your results to your account.

Low WBC in Liver Disease

With any diagnosis you make using this kit, it is important for you to then visit a physician if you feel there is a problem. Do not let the problem continue by itself. Some conditions can be dealt with by using other medications sold by KwikMed. This is because KwikMed are licensed to prescribe online. You should realize, however, that many conditions have common symptoms and misdiagnosis is easily done by the amateur. After seeing a physician, you can still order your medication online with KwikMed at a lower cost. The process is simple and involves registering a new account, choose your medicine, take part in a consultation to make sure the medication is appropriate for you and then pay for it. In order to get Viagra with online presciption, as well as get your lipid panel and lab order for STD‘s, go to KwikMed.org.

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