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Ella is a revolutionary morning after pill that was approved for use in America in 2010. It is designed to be used in an emergency because during sex contraception failed or unexpected unprotected sex took place. It has become a popular last resort contraception pill because it reduces the risk of becoming pregnant to one in fifty if taken soon enough. The Ella pill price depends on the licensed prescriber, but can be lower for online companies like KwikMed due to low overheads.

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Where Can I Buy Morning After Pill

It is possible to order a prescription for Ella online through a licensed provider. KwikMed are licensed to prescribe it, so you can buy Ella for a very cheap price online while staying legal. The process is simple. First you select the medicine and then you register an account with the company, unless you already have one, then you just login. You will then have to go through a consultation phase in order to prove your need for it and to make sure the chances of side effects are reduced. Women who have liver disease should not use it, while breast feeding mothers should abstain from providing breast milk around the time of using the medicine. Side effects can include abdominal pain, temporary menstrual disorder, headaches and nausea.

Can You Buy Morning After Pill Online

Ella should be taken a maximum of five days after the unprotected sex. If it is taken later the pill will not be effective and you may become pregnant as a result. Before that, Ella is equally effective for the first 120 hours after sex. Take the pill with a glass of water. Common side effects of taking Ella include abdominal pain and temporary menstrual disorder. Less common side effects include headaches and nausea. If side effects continue for some time and become worrying, consult a doctor as soon as possible for advice.

Where Can I Buy Ella Morning After Pill

Ella works by trying to inhibit or delay ovulation. This effect makes it more difficult for the sperm to interact with the egg. It works by being a partial agonist of the glucocorticoid receptor and the progesterone receptor as well as some others. There are thought to be no long term effects of using Ella on female fertility, but if a person is already pregnant then it can cause problems.

Morning After Pill Buy Online

It is now possible to buy pills online, Ella can be prescribed from a licensed prescriber. Due to the mechanism of action and its overall outcome, Ella can only legally be prescribed by a physician. Under the FDA ruling, it is illegal to buy Ella without prescription, to buy a generic copy or to get a foreign import, so do not buy Loestrin 24 fe online no prescription. It is considered dangerous to use untested Ella or to self-medicate with Loestrin 24 fe. The use of the drug should be for what is prescribed and it should be a last resort to other contraceptive methods available. Where can you buy the morning after pill? KwikMed! Get great information on the Morning after pill and buy the morning after pill online today.

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