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People wouldn’t ever have guessed that one day rap music would be used with positive connotations in terms of saving lives. However, that is exactly what is happening as the medical profession and music critics begin to acknowledge what fans of rap music have known for some time that rap is good for your health!

Specifically what has happened is that rap music is being recognised as being crucial in medical developments and also in relation to helping mental health and reducing the effects of violent crime.

First up rap music been used in the development of a prototype device that is used to track blood pressure in damaged blood vessels.

The same device can also be used to monitor bladders of sufferers of incontinence. Instead of the device using regular alkaline batteries the low frequency vibrations found in rap music are used.

The device unveiling which was presented at the end of January 2012 in Paris at the IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS 2012) told delegates of the surprising health benefits that rap music has. The 2 centimetre long device has a small lever which is what converts the rap music vibrations to electricity. This then gives enough energy to a sensor that takes the readings and ultimately provides data.

The implications of this device development means that patients can easily monitor their blood pressure and those using it for incontinence would have a substitute for more invasive options like a catheter. Even those non rap fans would surely prefer a couple of minutes of Kanye West or Eminem rather than the embarrassment of rushing to the toilet. For health professionals it means that potentially fatal aneurysms can be detected ahead of them rupturing.

Rap Music Unique

Researchers at Purdue University made this startling discovery after trialling several genres of music for powering the clever life saving devices including jazz and rock. Rap proved the most successful thanks to its unique low frequency sound, in other words its pumping super bass.
Few would ever have thought that one day rap music could be responsible for saving lives as it has long since been criticised for influencing increased violence amongst fans and encouraging the degradation of women and its seeming acceptance of drug and gun cultures.

Music As Therapy

It doesn’t stop there though and instead of being so maligned perhaps rap should be applauded in terms of helping the mental wellbeing of young people. Far from it being a catalyst for violence it is actually seen as an outlet for many young people who use rap music as a more accessible form of music and something that enables them to vent through their lyrics and rhythm rather than actually carrying out some of the violent references.

Since its use to rehabilitate US veterans from the Second World War has already been proven that music therapy has a positive impact on our mental health through its ability to facilitate anyone to relate to it, regardless of the subject matter or genre. At one time it was felt that only classical music had this ability but now this encompasses other genres including rap.
Rap music specifically has proved in its ability to keep young people out of prison or indeed used as an outlet for those following a stint in prison to avoid re-offending. Talking about their experiences through lyrics young people have used rap as an avenue to better lives something which many of the richest rap stars like JayZ are an examples of.

Reduce Violent Crime

British police have even recently commissioned a rap video on You Tube to help reach out to those involved in violent gang related crime in the UK. This method it is felt will enable police to talk to young people involved in crime and help persuade them of better life choices. It was also seen as a way to avoid rioting and discontent seen last summer on the streets of London and other major cities in the UK. Rap music was recognised as the medium best to resonate with the target audience and the video has had in excess of 15,000 views in less than two months. It is thought this video could help reduce serious injury and even death amongst poor areas known for gang culture and knife crime in the UK and proceeds from the track will go to a knife crime charity.


Furthermore even rap stars themselves are now being more recognised as suitable role models for young people which in turn helps them choose a path that gives them a better life both academically and medically speaking. Young people who have positive role models are more likely to apply themselves in all aspects of their lives and are less likely to turn to drugs, alcohol and other destructive activities which often are the trigger for a life spiralling out of control.

Healthy Heart

Finally not only is rap music good for your blood pressure and your mental health as well as reducing the risks to young people from physical harm, it is also reputed to be good for your heart too. That is to say that music that is enjoyed by an individual such as rap music is conducive to a healthy lifestyle due to its positive effect on the cells, known as endothelium, on the lining of the body’s blood vessels. A person listening to music that they love brings out positive emotions which in turn reduce the stress levels within the body. The consequence of this is that it is recommended by health professionals to introduce your music of choice to your daily routine in order to keep the heart healthy.

All in all rap music has much more positive vibes on human health than many will ever have imagined, thus making it good for mind, body and soul. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this article serves to prove that good music is in the ear of the listener. Rap music doesn’t deserve its bad rap and if nothing else this proves that dissenters of rap music should live and let live in light of the findings here.

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