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When men experience symptoms of ED (erectile dysfunction) it can be a very difficult time. What may come as a surprise however is that it’s estimated that 75% of all men will experience this problem at some point in their lifetime. So what causes ED? Well there is more than just one answer to this question. There are both physical and psychological reasons this condition can occur. For those experiencing the physical causes of ED, PDE5 inhibitors are a great solution. The newest of these is Stendra. It works in a similar manner to other ED medications and once it is released online Stendra can be purchased with a valid prescription. Stendra has already been approved by the FDA for the treatment of ED but it has not yet been released on the market.

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Buy Stendra Online

Once Stendra does become available, the opportunity to buy Stendra online will be appealing to many men. Getting a valid prescription online and having medication discretely shipped to your door makes things much easier and far less embarrassing. As the new PDE5 inhibitor on the market, there will be many men eager to see if they get better results with Stendra than they do with their current brand. Even though most types of ED treatment are very similar chemically, it’s common for one type to work better than another for a man. This is why many men will try several types of ED medicine before selecting one specific type that works the best for them.

Symptoms of ED

For men experiencing impotence, the symptoms of ED are very noticeable. The most common symptoms include difficulty getting or keeping an erection and a decrease in sexual desire. While there is no real cure, oral ED treatment is very effective in helping the problem. Most often a lack of blood flow to the penis is the reasons symptoms of ED occur. PDE5 inhibitors, the most common type of ED treatment, help to allow blood to flow freely to these areas which then allows the man to become fully erect. It is common for men to suffer occasional symptoms of ED but once they become more chronic, it may be time to speak with a doctor to see if online Stendra or other ED treatment methods would be a good fit.

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