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Propecia Hairline

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Propecia hair loss meds treat symptoms of male pattern hair loss, which include the development of a bald spot on the back of the head and a receding hairline. The Propecia hairline has the hair receding in an “M” shape, with the bald spot meeting the receding line to eventually form a horseshoe shape if left untreated. It is unknown if Propecia is effective on other hair loss patterns, such as receding on the sides of the forehead. Propecia is offered in the United States with a prescription from a licensed physician only. KwikMed, an online pharmacy licensed by Utah to prescribe Propecia on its official website, has licensed doctors who can prescribe the medicine. There is no Propecia generic version currently approved.

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Propecia Hairline Results

Propecia hairline benefits depend on many factors, including how far advanced your male pattern hair loss is and how well you respond to the medicine. Propecia hairline results vary by person, but you may see hair regrowth or keep your remaining hair after you start taking the medicine. Male pattern hair loss is progressive, so your hair loss will become worse over time without any treatment. The known Propecia side effects include allergic reactions, such as hives. If you have any concerns or need more information about the side effects, speak to your KwikMed doctor.

Propecia Hairline Before and After

According to the prescribing information for Propecia, you might not see Propecia hairline benefits until after you’ve taken the medicine for at least three months. Any Propecia hairline before and after photos you’ve seen usually represent months of consistent use. The recommended starting dose for Propecia is 1mg, but the doctor may prescribe a different amount, depending on your personal circumstances. Propecia is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat hair loss in women and is for men only. Propecia hair loss side effects are generally mild and may not effect many men.

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