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In a listing of 39 random brick and mortar pharmacies, the price range for Propecia was in the area of $85.38 – $87.94 for a 30-day supply. This equates to a price per pill range of $2.846 – $2.931. The price range for a 90-day supply was around $249.10 – $256.33. CVS is definitely one of the most expensive places to get it using a prescription. However it is not advised to resort to online pharmacies that don’t request a prescription, as buying a counterfeit medication can not only result in ineffective drugs but can also be very dangerous.

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Propecia Over The Counter FDA

The FDA does not at this time allow OTC sales of Propecia in the U.S. and probably won’t allow them any time soon. There are still some lingering questions about potential connections between Propecia and high stage prostate cancer. The FDA rules are being circumvented by online pharmacies that sell 1.0 mg tablets for as low as $0.39 per pill for a 90-day supply. One website also includes ED drugs free of charge with its shipments. Reputable and authorized online Propecia sellers always require a valid prescription. If you want to find a book about Propecia on Amazon then Propecia: The Hair Growth Breakthrough by Othniel Seiden describes how it works.

Propecia Is Very Safe

Propecia is a safe drug to take. However some adverse side effects, such as sore, enlarged breasts, have been reported. It has also been reported by some users that it causes itchy bumps. However according to advice posted on Propecia help forums itching scalp can be alleviated by using certain shampoos and lotions. It is believed that it might occur due to weak, thin hair being replaced with new, stronger hair. When listening to Propecia recovery stories vision and insight are required in order to determine what effects the drug has actually produced, as it is important to note that some side effects could have been wrongly attributed to it. However it is essential to ensure that women do not take the drug, as it has been linked to birth defects. When it comes to Propecia muscle building is not something that people immediately think of but there are rumours in circulation that the drug helps to build muscle mass. However there is no proof of this being true. There is no proof that Propecia has any negative effects on muscle growth either though. Propecia has received a lot of positive feedback from people who have used it, with many preferring it to other hair loss medications. It is therefore fair to say that if those with thinning hair compared other hair loss products to Propecia pills in bottle to bottle tests, with equal amounts of each product being compared, Propecia would fare well. If you tried another form of hair loss medication first and then Propecia second shed small new thin hairs and then became worried that it isn’t as good as the drug that you tried before was then perhaps you are judging it prematurely, because it needs to be given adequate time to work.

Propecia Going Generic When

The Propecia patent expires in November 2013. However, there have already been some exclusive, 180-day licences for generic finasteride issued, Finasteride being the active ingredient in Propecia. Propecia drug is likely to be cheaper after the patent expiration date.

Propecia Prostate 2012

Studies involving 5mg doses of a drug containing finasteride indicated that the number of instances of prostate cancer was reduced by over 24% compared to subjects who were given a placebo. Evidence seems to indicate that Propecia may help in the prevention of prostate cancer in men who possess a high risk of developing the disease. Other studies have also shown that Propecia may delay the onset of prostate cancer in some men. Some studies have shown that while men taking Propecia may have a slightly smaller chance of developing prostate cancer, those cancers that do develop tend to be of a higher grade, which means that the people who do contract the disease develop a more aggressive and deadly form of it. None of these findings are conclusive at this time and more research is needed.

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