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Propecia Timeline

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Your hair grows an average of a 1/2-inch per month, or six inches every year. Each hair goes through three phases: anogen, catagen and telogen, or growing, changing and resting. Each one of your individual hairs can be in any one of the three phases at any given time. Baldness occurs when your hair falls out as part of the natural cycle of growth, but no new hair appears to take its place. In the case of male pattern baldness, this happens because you have too much 5a-dihydrotestosterone in your body, which weakens the follicles that produce your hair. Treatment is not a quick fix and requires patience. If you are taking Propecia timeline knowledge is important so that you don’t give up too soon. Often it’s easiest to buy Propecia year supply medication so you don’t run out and have any gap in medication.

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Propecia Timeline Shedding

Propecia USA is an oral medication that requires a prescription. It works as a hair loss remedy because Propecia blocks the enzyme that creates 5a-dihydrotestosterone, allowing your hair follicles to reawaken and start producing strong and healthy hair. One of the natural cycles that hair goes through is the shedding of hairs that have passed through the antigen phase. So, as part of the effective Propecia timeline shedding of some hair will definitely occur. The Propecia timeline for slowing and reversing hair loss doesn’t start until you have been taking Propecia for at least three months.

Propecia Timeline Results

Since the Propecia timeline clock doesn’t even start ticking for at least three months, there is no cause for concern if you don’t see results overnight. When physicians such as those at KwikMed look at the overall Propecia timeline results are not usually evaluated as to whether to continue treatment or not until at least 12 months have passed. The licensed doctors at KwikMed will advise at all stages of the process as well as prescribe. Their initial screening will determine whether you are a suitable candidate for Propecia uses and your progress will be monitored carefully.

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