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Provillus vs. Propecia

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Both of the products compete as top names in the market as pharmacons for hair loss treatment, but where lies the difference, is their mechanism of action, and its one’s accord to what they wish to treat their growth with. Provillus is a natural supplement, whereas Propecia has been contrived in a way it is taken on the basis of proper medical prescription. Provillus is utilised to supply hair follicles with adequate nutrients needed for refurbishing damaged hair and to seed the scalp aggressively thereby creating an environment for healthy growth, while after the initial shedding Propecia interrupts the expansion of hair loss patterns, reduces hair loss, and further enhances the regrowth of hair. Provillus wins over Propecia, which has been specifically structure for male use, by being available for use for both men and women. Provillus, moreover, is not known for any visible side effects, while Propecia can cause reduced sexual drive, erectile malfunction, and introductory Propecia shed for initial fifteen days or so; however the side effects disappear over time.

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Finpecia vs. Propecia

The battle of better potency of Finpecia or Propecia has seen upsurge lately. Propecia has been verified for clinical capabilities and is available on prescription by licensed physicians while Finpecia is a generic drug and has not undergone any verification of acumen and may not turn out to be as safe. It would be considered sheer wastage of both money and time, if one adopts untested alternates, instead of a medically tested or proven pill for hair regrowth. The ultimate question, ‘Is Propecia better than Finpecia?’ always leads to an answer Yes. Daniel Tosh and Propecia have been companions since 2008 and fans have noticed considerable improvements to his receding hairline.

Minoxilid vs. Propecia

Minoxilid, contrary to Propecia, is available in the form of a liquid solution or foam and is meant to be rubbed in the scalp, which is available without decisive prescription and works by revitalizing the shrunken follicles. It is effective used by both men and women. The origin of Propecia is relatively contemporary and furnishes ease of utilisation. A single pill is to be consumed in the whole day while Minoxilid has to be imbibed into the daily routine of sleeking. According to Propecia regrowth timeline, most users witness positive results in less than three months of use, but it can take up to four months in a men and up to twelve in a woman for visual changes in the hairline to occur. Though there have been no clinical certifications, Minoxilid, or Rogaine, coupled with Propecia is believed to furnish even better results. Minoxilid users experience itchy scalps and irritation, which can be balanced off by the use of anti-dandruff shampoos while the use of Propecia can result in male sexual disorders. Some Minoxilid users also report experiencing high heart rates, breathlessness, and headaches.

Can Propecia regrow hair with long term use?

The internet is flooded with vogue of Propecia for male pattern baldness, but many physicians are still reluctant to prescribe Propecia as there have been no long term, as long as 10 years or more, researches available for assertion. It is has been, however, proven that 2 years after using Propecia crowun area significant results in hair regrowth. After being legally approved for more than ten years, no reports about long term use side effects of 1mg daily dosage have been available.

Can I take Propecia every other day?

The usage of 0.5mg of daily dosage and 1mg intake every other day is a common practice; while dihydrotestosterone has a short half-life but a Finasteride dosage remains in the body for 48 hours and hence consumption every other day helps cut costs appreciably. Some users reported that taking Propecia every other day reduce side effects, such as breakage in libido and sexual disorders. Propecia Patent expiration date 2013 is set for November. Generic alternatives of the drug might become available after the licence expiration, but it is important for users to check for the proof of FDA approval and the safety of the generic products, in order to protect themselves from purchasing fake, maybe even dangerous medication.

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