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Quitting Propecia

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While Propecia aids in growing hair amazingly, what one is afraid of while utilising it is that it is a drug that is known to cause sexual defects, such as decreased volume of ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and deep holes in the pockets due to high prices. This has seemingly bothered a lot of customers. The internet is awash with stories of altered and ruined relationships because of lack of intimacy, Propecia being the villain. With a receding hairline and declining libido, many have decided to give up Propecia and accept their baldness. Those who quit Propecia are bound to lose regrown hair in the twelve months following the discontinuation of treatment. However, withdrawal from the drug has been linked to low mood. When it comes to depression Propecia can make a person’s symptoms worse and it can even trigger depression in those who were not suffering from it prior to withdrawing. Also as the DTH production resumes, hair loss begins again. Under medical guidance, treatment with Propecia can be resumed, but no one should ever try to make up for the missed doses due to serious adverse effects of higher than recommended dosages.

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Taking a quarter of a tablet of Propecia per day

Many people tend to consume a quarter of a Proscar tablet, which contains about 1.25mg of Finasteride. The idea that a 1mg Propecia pill carries the perfect dose may not actually be accurate. Merck’s decision to create 1mg tablets was based on the idea that this dose would be adequate for an average consumer without causing side effects. When comparing 0.25 Propecia against 1 mg, some people arrive at the belief that the latter is an adequate dose to inhibit DTH but not to provoke the occurrence of side effects. However people state that this is the case without realising that the unwanted adverse effects produced by Finasteride are because of a blockage in DHT growth, which is what causes hair loss prevention.

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What will happen when Propecia goes generic?

A major issue, besides the adverse effects of the pill, is the cost of consumption of Propecia due to high prices. However, comedian Daniel Tosh might have altered the public’s view of this issue. After taking Propecia, an impressive amount of hair regrowth was observed on his head. Following the success of Tosh Propecia has gone up in most people’s estimation. If you are one of the people who are impressed by his hair regrowth then be aware that you will need a prescription in order to purchase Procepia. Even if one looks on Amazon Propecia will still not be available without a valid prescription and the same goes for other websites that are perceived to sell everything under the sun. With the expiry of the patent license of Propecia taking place in November 2013, customers can expect much lower rates as generic pills are introduced. A valid prescription, however, will still be needed.

Propecia 0.25 mg EOD

Although a recommended dose of 1mg is preferred, some find a 0.25mg dosage more effective. This depends upon the nature of a person’s hair loss and side effects. Male pattern baldness if often thought to have genetic links and is caused due to an excess of DHT, an androgen hormone in the scalp. If you find a 0.25mg dose to be more effective, you may stick to it under the guidance of a physician. Experiencing hairline receding after taking Propecia in its initial stages should not be the reason for lowering your dosage, as it is a normal effect of the drug.

Propecia for women

Propecia for women might seem appealing to those who have observed that most men who take Propecia regain their hair at a very effective rate and quickly combat the effects of frontal hair loss. However Propecia can be harmful for pregnant women, as it leads to prostate damage and genitalia deformities in male foetuses. Propecia is therefore not considered to be a good thing for women to take because of the high risk of birth defects in unborn infants. The US FDA recommends that women should avoid Propecia tablets, especially ones that are broken or crushed. Websites endorsing Propecia for women are a scam.

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