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Receding Hairline in Men

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Although it is not unusual to lose up to a hundred hairs each day from your scalp, if you are losing hair more rapidly than this, you may notice visible areas of hair loss on your head. Hair loss can appear in various patterns, but one common symptom men may notice is that their hairline recedes. While you may feel conscious of your altered appearance, the good news is that this pattern of hair loss is nothing to worry about and effective treatments are available to help restore your hairline.

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Receding Hairline

Frontal hair loss usually occurs slowly, so you may not initially notice that you are losing hair from the front of your head. However, with time your hairline will move backwards, forming a visible M shape. However, this isn’t the only symptom characteristic of receding hair. You may also notice a change in the actual appearance of your hairs as your hairline recedes, with your hairs becoming thinner, finer and shorter. It is also common for your hair to thin on top of your head, forming a bald spot, which often enlarges to meet the receding hair at your temples. When this occurs, you are left with a rim of hair covering the sides and back of your head, though seeking early treatment for hair loss can prevent it reaching this stage.

Hair Loss Symptoms

Although hair loss from the front and top of your head is the most common form of hair shedding in men, if you experience additional symptoms of hair loss, this could indicate that there is more than one factor responsible for your hair thinning. For instance, you may notice several patches of baldness developing across your scalp, which is quite different from the loss of hair from your crown. Rapid hair loss is another signal that there may be a more significant cause for your hair thinning. You should also strongly consider seeking medical help if besides hair fall you have a scalp that is not only extremely itchy, but also feels as if it is burning and causes you significant pain, as this indicates you may have scar tissue forming in the areas from where your are losing hair. In many cases male hair loss is harmless, but it is always best to consult a doctor to receive a firm diagnosis and start early treatment.

Causes of Hair Loss in Men

A receding hairline with balding on top of your head is characteristic of male pattern hair loss, which is the most frequently diagnosed form of hair thinning among men. Even if you don’t yet have any evidence of balding on top, with receding hair this is still the most likely cause of your hair loss, particularly if other men in your family also suffer from male baldness. Various other forms of alopecia exist, but they have a completely different pattern of hair loss. For example, alopecia areata causes circular patches of hair loss across the scalp, while scarring alopecia leaves areas of scar tissue behind. Fungal infections and defects in the hair shafts may also explain other cases of hair shedding.

Male Pattern Hair Loss

In male pattern baldness your hair follicles become sensitive to the effects of dihydrotestosterone, formed from testosterone, which causes shrinkage of your hair follicles and the associated symptoms of a receding hairline and bald spot. However, an effective treatment known as Propecia is available, which prevents testosterone forming dihydrotestosterone, allowing your hair follicles to regain their usual size. The majority of men taking Propecia find that they experience hair regrowth and even when this does not occur, the medication stops further loss of hair. If you have not yet tried Propecia to treat your hair loss, a quick online consultation can help you access a prescription to enjoy the benefits yourself.

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