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Sildenafil, the generic name for Viagra, is used to treat impotence problems in males. This medication belongs to the class of prescription drugs called PDE inhibitors, which treat erectile dysfunction by amping up the blood flow into the penis during sexual stimulation. This improved blood flow can help an aroused man get and keep a firm erection. It is fast and simple to order a sildenafil online prescription.

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Sildenafil Online Prescription Drugs

KwikMed.com offers sildenafil online prescription drugs. Just fill out our online medical assessment form and one of our licensed medical doctors will review it and decide if sildenafil samples are the right medication for your personal circumstances. Once the physician approves you to use this medication, the sildenafil will be shipped to your home or office in discrete packaging.

Sildenafil Online Prescription Refill

You can also order a sildenafil online prescription refill through our online pharmacy. When placing an order for a refill, you will have to fill out a shorter version of the online medical assessment form. Once you are prescribed sildenafil onlinr prescription to treat erectile dysfunction, always follow your physician’s guidelines. Most males take a sildenafil without prescriptions as needed before engaging in intimate activities. The best time to take your dosage is approximately 60 minutes before expected sexual activity, but you can take your pill any time from 30 minutes to 4 hours prior to the planned event.

You can consume sildenafil either with or without food. Bear in mind that taking sildenafil with a high-fat meal makes it harder for your body to absorb the active ingredients and it typically takes longer for the pills to start working. For that for most men Viagra is best taken on an empty stomach. Store your medication at room temperature and in its original container, closed tight and away from curious children. It’s a good rule of thumb not to store any medication in the bathroom where the moisture and heat can ruin the pills.

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