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New Study Finds that a Combination of Exercise and Caffeine can Reduce Skin Cancer Risk

It’s not every day that we hear caffeine and exercise recommended as potential preventatives for cancer, but the health benefits of both combined have recently been the subject of a study that has proven there is some truth to the belief.

This new research was tested on mice but it is believed that the same skin cancer preventative qualities can easily apply to humans as well. The researchers who conducted the Skin Cancer study were from Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy at Rutgers University located in N.J. These researchers tested their beliefs by exposing 160 mice to UV light at small amounts 5 days a week for 20 weeks total. This amount of exposure is meant to represent the average amount of sun people are exposed to each day therefore making the results as accurate as possible. Once the research was completed, they were able to search for any early skin cancer symptoms and discovered that the mice who had been given small amounts of caffeine and had also been allowed to exercise had over 60% fewer incidents of skin cancer  (see skin cancer pictures) than those who did not have those factors included in their daily lives.

A Skin Cancer Research First

Through the years both variables, exercise and caffeine, have been tested to see their involvement in skin cancer prevention but until this recent study the combined effects had not yet been tested. The results confirmed that together their is even more skin cancer-fighting power.

Research confirms it, but why do these two factors have an impact on skin cancer likelihood?

The best conclusion researchers can come to is this. Essentially both caffeine and exercise are known to help with weight loss and body fat reduction and it’s also known that body gar an actually fight the natural ability of the skin to get rid of old dead skins cells that are damaged by the sun and could lead to health scares further down the line.

Additionally, when it comes to reducing inflammation, caffeine is known to have this affect on the body as well which is also thought to play a role in keeping many ailments at bay. One of the main takeaways we can get from this study is that by reducing body fat, we are giving ourselves the best chance for a healthier, cancer-free future.

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