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Having high sodium levels in the blood may indicate high blood pressure. This can be caused by many things, but is more likely in older people, African-Americans due to simple genetics and people with diabetes. Health, diet and lifestyle can be contributing factors, which means it can affect anyone. The most common way sodium enters the body is in the form of salt. This can be salt added to meals or salt already present in them. The way to check for a high sodium level in the body is to do a wellness check through Kwikmed. This is an inexpensive blood test designed to see what is going on in the body.

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Sodium and ED

High blood pressure is linked to erectile dysfunction, ED for short, in men. Whether it affects female sexual performance is unknown. The sodium panel could help determine if an ED medication such as Viagra, Cialis and Staxyn is required. If a person has ED and a high sodium level, any medication should be combined with a reduction of salt intake in the body. Erectile dysfunction medications work by lowering blood pressure in the body to allow blood to circulate more. They cannot be taken with other blood pressure lowering medications such as nitrates.

Sodium Bicarbonate High MCH

KwikMed are licensed to prescribe both medications and testing panels, although the panels are not available in all states, so check on the site to see if your state is included. The panel can tell you what are the normal lab values for sodium 176 meq/l and pose questions such as why do I have low sodium and low hemoglobin? The panels provide raw data on what is in your blood and/or urine. They do not diagnose the full problem and a consultation with a physician will be required to complete the picture. You can use the panels to build up a picture of what is going on in your body and make adjustments to it.

Sodium Down Potassium Up

It is possible your sodium levels may be low rather than high and instead you have high potassium levels. High potassium levels are known as hyperkalemia. There are several symptoms of high potassium, vision problems and kidney disorders are two of them. This can be caused through eating too many high potassium foods such as tomatoes, oranges and bananas. If you take a potassium panel test with KwikMed you can begin to answer some questions such as why does potassium go down with pancreatitis and will potassium cause irregular periods. As with many disorders, there can be several causes and a number of symptoms common to other problems. Taking the panel is the first step in diagnosing the problem.

What Does a High Sodium and cO2 Mean

To find out what high sodium, co2 and Potassium means, you will need to get a sodium and potassium panel. The process with KwikMed is simple. You will be required to log into an existing account or create a new one. After a brief consultation, you will pay for the panel. Within 24 hours you will be emailed a requisition form. Print this and take it to a local laboratory. You can then participate in the tests. The lab in question will then send the data to KwikMed, who will post the results on your private account.

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