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Staxyn is a prescription only medication in the United States aimed at helping men with blood flow problems to the penis. Its primary function is to help men achieve stronger and longer erections to combat the problems of erectile dysfunction and to restore vibrant sex lives. The chemical name for Staxyn is Vardenafil, which is the same as Levitra, with the difference being that Staxyn is administered orally by placing it on the tongue and allowing it to dissolve naturally. The pill should be taken between one and two hours before sexual intercourse and its longevity means it lasts for up to six hours. Checking the Staxyn cost is important and it is possible to also get a Staxyn discount from a reputable source.

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How Much Does Staxyn Cost

When looking to obtain a medical prescription, it is vital to ask, how much does Staxyn cost? The price varies for a number of reasons including occasional trials and special offers. To find the Staxyn cost with KwikMed check out the left hand column of this very webpage. KwikMed tries to keep the costs as low as possible even though getting Staxyn cheap isn’t very probably. KwikMed are licensed to prescribe online and this means they are able to offer Staxyn prescriptions after a discreet online consultation process has been followed. This takes the hassle out of face to face consultations with medical practitioners.

Staxyn 10 Mg Cost

When looking at the current Staxyn 10 mg cost remember that buying Staxyn from a licensed provider is the only legal means of ensuring you will receive a quality product in a discreet manner. For most users, Staxyn is a safe drug and the KwikMed online consultation process minimizes the risk of side effects. Once purchased online, KwikMed will mail out your Staxyn in a discreet package. Remember that Staxyn is only available in a 10mg dose. KwikMed can reduce the Staxyn cost due to their low overheads and often offers Staxyn coupons to help lower the costs even further.

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