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Staxyn Levitra

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Staxyn Levitra are both made from the drug Vardenafil. It is produced by Bayer Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline and Schering-Plough. They are both erectile dysfunction medications designed to improve a man’s erections in terms of length of time and quality of erection. Like other ED medications, Staxyn and Levitra are prescription only. This means it is illegal to buy them without prescription, but luckily KwikMed are licensed to prescribe online for this kind of medicine. Prescribing online with a confidential consultation makes the process easier and with less hassle than a face to face meeting. Staxyn reviews from KwikMed customers reinforce this.

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20 mg 10 Tablets No Consult Fee! $720.00 Order Now
20 mg 15 Tablets No Consult Fee! $1057.00 Order Now
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Difference Between Staxyn Levitra

The difference between Staxyn Levitra is that Levitra is coated in a thin film layer. This means they are administered in slightly different ways. Staxyn Levitra are both taken orally. Levitra is swallowed with water, so that it is dissolved in the stomach. Staxyn on the other hand does not have a film layer, so it dissolves on the tongue without having to be swallowed or taken with water. Those customers of Staxyn take medication in this form very easily. Both versions of Vardenafil enter the bloodstream and move to the blood around the reproductive organs. The medication then inhibits the cGMP degradation action of the phosphodiesterase-PDE5 enzyme found there. This enzyme regulates blood flow and by inhibiting it, Vardenafil improves the amount of blood going to the penis.

Compare Staxyn Levitra

As they are both made from Vardenafil, it is easy to compare Staxyn Levitra. They can both be taken between one and two hours prior to sexual intercourse and both of them last for up to six hours. This varies a little depending on the nature of the person taking it. They also both have similar potential side effects. While these are not common, the KwikMed screening process helps to reduce these. Staxyn user reviews can also provide insight into how the dissolving tab compares to taking an actual pill. Both Staxyn Levitra should not be mixed with alcohol, grapefruit juice or nitrate medicines as they may inhibit the medicines effectiveness and raise the risk of side effects.

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