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While no one likes to admit things aren’t working out in the bedroom, talking to your doctor about erectile dysfunction is the first step you can take toward getting help. The most commonly prescribed classification of erectile dysfunction medication is PDE5 inhibitors. There are a variety of erectile dysfunction causes so it’s important to discuss your health history and the medications you are taking with your physician prior to taking an ED medication. The newest of these is avanafil, or the name brand Stendra. Stendra availability in the United States is not yet known; however, it will be on the market soon and will be available with a doctor’s prescription.

Stendra Cost

Stendra cost will be competitive with other erectile dysfunction medication on the market. Many are looking forward to trying Stendra because it is believed to be a faster acting alternative to Viagra or Cialis. Those medications work in as little as 30 minutes while in several clinical studies Stendra has worked in as little as 15 minutes. This erectile dysfunction medication works by increasing blood flow to the penis. When not enough blood is making its way to the area, it becomes difficult (if not impossible) to get or maintain an erection long enough for the completion of sexual intercourse. For these men, it’s likely that avanafil will be a good fit.

Best ED Treatment

While most men ask their doctor to direct them to the best ED treatment, the truth is that this varies person to person. Some men may respond better to one PDE5 inhibitor than another. The erectile dysfunction medication you choose may also be dependent on your medical history as well as the other medication you are taking. This is why Stendra availability is limited to only those with a valid prescription. A doctor must be sure that the patient is a good candidate for Stendra. Additionally, some men may be taking medication that has a side effect of erectile dysfunction. It’s important that your doctor examine all erectile dysfunction causes before selecting the best ED treatment for you.

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