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Symptoms of Raynaud’s

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If you have Raynaud’s syndrome, exposure to the cold or emotional upset can cause the blood vessels at your extremities to spasm, triggering a range of unpleasant symptoms. Often there is no underlying cause among young people with Raynaud’s, but for older adults this may be a sign of circulatory damage, an autoimmune condition or an overuse syndrome. Whatever the cause though, the same group of symptoms occur, which include extreme cold, skin color changes, pain and numbness in fingers and toes. Thankfully, an unexpected treatment offers relief from this syndrome.

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Cold Hands and Feet

Although most people are familiar with the idea that your fingers and toes become very cold in Raynaud’s syndrome, your nose and ears can also feel the effects. The drop in temperature is caused by reduced blood flow to your extremities and this explains the other symptoms of Raynaud’s too. It’s not unusual though for only certain digits to feel cold, so if your feet are well protected it may just be your fingers that are affected, and even then some fingers may escape the symptoms. It also varies from person to person and from one attack to another how long the icy cold feeling in your extremities will last, with anything from just a matter of minutes to several hours possible.

White fingers

Besides the temperature change in your fingers and toes, you will also notice a change in their appearance. Their change in color follows a characteristic pattern, which begins with turning white when the blood supply reduces. Then your fingers turn blue due to a poor supply of oxygen to their tissues, and this is the stage at which your digits become very cold. However, once the blood supply begins to return again, your fingers turn red, as they receive blood more quickly than usual. Once the attack subsides, your fingers and toes resume their usual color.

Pain in Fingers and Toes

When the blood flow returns to your hands and feet, this is when you are most likely to experience a change in sensation. Although not everyone with Raynaud’s experiences pain, you may have numb fingers and toes, which can make it difficult to complete tasks. Besides this numbness, you may have tingling fingers and toes, which may feel like pins and needles. If you do experience some pain in the later stages of an attack, it is most often a burning pain in fingers and toes. However, again the exact symptoms you experience may be different to someone else with Raynaud’s syndrome and may vary from one outbreak to another.

Treating Cold Fingers and Toes

The best way to manage your symptoms depends on whether there is an underlying cause for your Raynaud’s. For instance, if smoking has caused poor circulation, quitting smoking may over time help to improve the frequency and severity of attacks. Alternatively, if you have a medical condition responsible for your symptoms, taking the medication prescribed and following any additional advice from your doctor should help to a degree. However, some lifestyle changes may also prove useful when you have Raynaud’s, which include:

  • Avoiding caffeine
  • Wearing gloves when outside or handling cold objects
  • Wearing comfortable footwear and woollen socks

If other measures prove ineffective at providing symptom relief from cold, pain and numbness in hands and feet, one of the successful treatments you can take to manage Raynaud’s is Viagra. This may come as a surprise to you, but when you consider Viagra’s mode of action to help in erectile dysfunction, it makes sense. Viagra takes effect by stopping the removal of a molecule known as cGMP, which helps the smooth muscles in your blood vessels to relax. When this takes place, your blood vessels dilate, increasing blood flow. While this helps a man to achieve an erection, if you suffer from Raynaud’s it improves blood flow to your hands and feet, reducing your unpleasant symptoms. Arrange an online consult now to discover how Viagra can help you.

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