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If you are struggling to find confidential herpes testing centers Charlotte or another big city can provide a selection to choose from. However, living in a more remote area may mean a home herpes test is more practical. You can be mailed a kit that will allow you to take a swab, which can then be posted to a laboratory for testing. This is not the only type of test available to detect herpes though.

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Herpes Diagnosis Test

When you opt for herpes testing, a blood sample may be taken. Either DNA from the herpes virus will be tested for or the presence of antibodies produced by your immune system in a bid to fight off the virus. Receiving the results either way will be a relief, as you will be sure you are free from the virus or that you can receive treatment. Unlike some other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), herpes isn’t cured through treatment, but the severity and duration of the sores can be greatly reduced. It should also be a concern that you do not pass on the infection to your partner and taking these anti-viral drugs can significantly reduce the chance of that happening; though obviously when you have the sores present it is best practice to use condoms during sex.

Herpes Self Test

The presence of sores on your genitals will probably spur you on to find out what STI you are affected by, as a number can show themselves as skin problems. While herpes may not appear as serious as HIV or hcv symptoms, for some people it can be more serious – pregnant women or those with a weakened immune system for instance. Having made the decision to protect yourself and others, what KwikMed can offer you in terms of testing services may be of interest to you. Create an account with us and this will allow you to access a confidential online consult with a physician. This short encounter allows them to be sure the test is appropriate and once this is confirmed, they will sign off a requisition form for you. All you need to do is then make payment for the test and this form will be emailed to you. Once printed, you can take it to your preferred lab to enable a blood sample and testing to take place. You can then view your results within three to five days by way of your KwikMed account.

Herpes Test for Men

A male STD test will often check for herpes or you can specifically request this. In males herpes symptoms are similar to those in women, displaying blisters around the mouth, genitals or rectum that burst forming painful sores. If it is your initial infection, you might mistakenly think you have flu, as you may feel achy, have a temperature and swollen glands. As in women either a swab or blood test can be used to check for the presence of herpes. In many cities you can obtain a confidential herpes test Charlotte or another city with a large population is a good place to start.

Herpes Tests

Wherever you have your herpes testing Chicago, Boston or San Francisco for instance, all labs should be able to produce results of equal accuracy. However, this doesn’t mean that lab tests are right 100% of the time. In the very early stages of herpes, a blood test may not reveal you have the infection, as markers of the viral presence remain undetectable. The alternative situation can also occur, where a test reveals you have the virus when you actually don’t. In either situation, a repeat test can give a clearer picture of what is going on.

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