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Testing For Syphilis

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Syphilis is a common STD that can be found in both men and women. Testing for it is not a hard procedure and can be done very easily. It is also treatable, though if not caught early can cause many health problems. If you’ve been concerned you may have contracted this STD and perhaps gone online to look at either syphilis blister pictures or syphilis rash pictures, you will have some idea of what the condition looks like. It is caused by the virus Trepodema Pallidum and can really only be passed through sexual contact, vaginally, anally or orally or by the use of sex toys. Unpotected sex will transmit the illness from person to person, and while using condoms is a great safeguard, they are not 100% foolproof, indeed the only real way to prevent STDs from occuring is to practise abstinence from sex altogether.

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How To Test For Syphilis In Men

Testing for Syphilis in men and women is roundly the same – samples of cells will be taken from any lesions or blisters on the genitals and tested for signs of the infection. Blood samples may also be taken too. It’s important to recognize that although syphilis symptoms in women palms appears as a rash or blisters, that the chances of syphilis transmission hands are highly unlikely. It can also not be passed through kissing, sharing a cup or plate with someone who has it. Neither can it be transmitted through bath towels, flannels or clothes or in public places like swimming pools. These are common myths that have no basis in scientific or medical fact.

Positive Syphilis Test

If you’ve experienced the symptoms of syphilis and gone on to receive a positive diagnosis, then it is not the end of the world. Treatment is usually given in the form of antibiotics, a long release penicillin injection followed by a secondary course of antibiotics to target the heart of the infection. Syphilis treatment during pregnancy has to be apprcoahed differently, because there must be no risk of transmission to the gestating baby, or harm allowed to come to the fetus. Most women will, however, give birth before a correct serological analysis can be made as to how far the syphilis has developed, which means that this sadly isn’t always possible.

Syphilis Rapid Diagnostic Test

If syphilis is suspected as a cause of infection, a rapid diagnostic test can put your mind at rest. All you need to do is sign yourself up for an account with KwikMed. After this, you undertake a short consultation to make sure you get the right form sent to you. Take this to a local test lab and have a sample of blood taken. This will then be anaylzed and the results sent to your KwikMed account within a few days. That’s all you need to do. It’s reliable, safe and secure and above all, private.

Syphilis Prevalence United States

Syphilis cases topped the 20 million mark in the USA last year. This figure also accounts for around $16 billion in healthcare costs. Therefore, early testing and treatment is essential, as is making people more aware of what the signs and symptoms are and how they can protect themselves to avoid infection in the first place. Every one of the syphilis stages contagious, with the latter stage known as tertiary syphilis hearing loss, blindness and even more seriously, multiple organ problems can be an issue with this part of the illness and can come on suddenly after many years of laying dormant in the system. If you’re at all concerned about any issue relating to STDs, talk to someone and ask for advice.

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