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If you fear that you may have been exposed to the Hepatitis C virus you cannot rely on symptoms appearing to bring the infection to your attention because Hepatitis symptoms c strain are in many cases non-existent. Getting tested is the only way to be sure. Initial antibody tests are a reliable indicator from 6-7 weeks after first being infected, but be aware that they will also appear if your body has been exposed to the virus in the past – a positive result now does not necessarily mean you have the live virus. It is advisable to consult your physician for follow-up tests to determine the actual current status of the virus in your body.

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Hepatitis Panel Cost

A panel test for Hepatitis if bought online will typically cost from $70-$110 depending on the specific range of tests it covers. From your physician the cost may differ, but any amount is a small price to pay for the knowledge of your condition that will empower you to seek urgent treatment if it is necessary. The hepatitis c vaccine series sadly does not yet exist, but vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B are available, any if you are at risk of exposure to the virus then it is wise to pursue these injections.

Hepatitis Panel Test

Having a panel test for Hepatitis will normally check for Hepatitis strains A, B and C, using antigens or antibodies. You may decide to apply this test for peace of mind if you believe you may have been exposed to the virus, or are exhibiting symptoms such as abdominal discomfort, fatigue, nausea, or jaundice. Hepatitis symptoms in men and women are similar, and it is important to note that in the Hepatitis C strain symptoms often don’t manifest themselves for many years.

Private Hepatitis Test Austin

For drug users it is a wise precaution to be tested, as transmission of hepatitis c sharing needles is not uncommon – the virus is passed on through blood to blood contact, and contaminated needles are a high risk. The good news is that hepatitis c transmission sexually is a very low risk but nevertheless the possibility of contracting the virus from sexual contact does exist, so it is always wise to practice safe sex. Getting tested can be a very simple process whether you are in Austin or Dallas. Home test kits can be acquired from stores or online, and if you prefer to operate under the guidance of a physician, the services of licensed test provider KwikMed can be an excellent option. Online registration and application for the test will instigate a consultation phase with a Physician online, where your suitability for the test will be assessed. Once prescribed, all you have to do is print the requisition form and visit your local lab to have blood taken. This will then be analyzed and the results returned promptly to you within 5 days online in your KwikMed account.

Hepatitis Titer Test

The titer test for Hepatitis is a quantitative test that seeks to measure the amount of the virus in the body. A detectable level of the virus is confirmation that a person is infected. A negative reading normally leads to re-testing by other methods, as the virus may still be present, but at undetectable levels. With careful lifestyle management, such as alcohol, tobacco and drug avoidance, a healthy exercise regime and diet, and a good response to available medications, a hepatitis c prognosis death is not inevitable. Hepatitis c treatment guidelines are well established, and many people live with Hepatitis C in its chronic state. It is only if the condition progresses to severe liver disease or cirrhosis that the risk of death from the condition drastically increases.

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