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Anyone needing to get tested for Hepatitis will find that kits are widely available, from your doctor, in stores, and online. Tests include antibody testing in the form of a rapid test giving results in 20 minutes, or lab analysis from blood samples that can be taken at home or in a healthcare setting. More complex physician-led tests can check for virus DNA, and include full liver biopsy as an option for definitive diagnosis. Not all tests give 100% confirmation of infection, so re-testing is often advisable and required.

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Hepatitis Panel Acute

The acute phase of Hepatitis is the initial stage up to around 6 months after infection, after which the condition is considered to have become chronic. An acute panel test will usually define the existence of antibodies in the blood from the different A, B and C strains of Hepatitis, and show whether each type of virus has ever been present in the body. These tests do not confirm the current status of the virus in the body, so if in doubt discuss the results with your doctor to ascertain if further testing is needed. Hepatitis c vaccine research continues, but no suitable protection has yet been identified. Current Hepatitis c vaccine recommendations remain simply to get vaccinated against the A and B strains of the virus, because you are at risk from these too if you are at risk from Hepatitis C infection.

Hepatitis Panel Labs

Panel labs for Hepatitis may be ordered by your physician if you are showing symptoms of the disease. These can include jaundice, dark urine, abdominal pain and nausea, although in the case of Hepatitis C, and hepatitis symptoms in children visible signs may never actually appear, even years after infection. This is why testing is so important. If you wish to be tested a company like KwikMed, who are licensed in the US, offer an online service for this. Open an online account with KwikMed to request the test, and following a short consultation phase with a qualified Physician, you will be assessed for your suitability to have the test. Once prescribed you have to print a requisition form and take it to a local lab. There, your blood sample will be taken and analyzed, with the results being made available to you within 5 days – the whole process can take less than a week.

Testing For Hepatitis C

The hepatitis c transmission rate is high, as any blood to blood contact can result in transmission of the virus, even if the source is indirect, for example from a razor blade, or blood from gums on a toothbrush. Whilst hepatitis c treatment drugs can assist in managing the onslaught on the liver, there is no cure available for Hepatitis C at present, and complications such as hepatitis c renal failure and cirrhosis are not uncommon as the disease progresses. This is why getting tested is so important – it helps to prevent the spread of the disease through awareness of the condition, and allows access to medical treatments that can help restrict the infection if the body is receptive.

Hepatitis Tests

Hepatitis is a dangerous virus that attacks the liver, and can lead to potentially life-threatening conditions such as cirrhosis and liver cancer. Getting tested is easy, and although no cure is available for the Hepatitis C strain, treatments are available that can assist the body in coping with the disease. In a hepatitis c prognosis alcohol consumption must be avoided, along with tobacco and other recreational drugs, as these can severely aggravate the condition. Early diagnosis can help inform the life decisions that you make.

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