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There are three basic tests included in the thyroid panel. These are tests for TSH, which is a thyroid stimulating hormone, for Thyroxine or T4, which is a hormone produced by the thyroid gland and for T3 uptake or THBR. KwikMed are licensed to prescribe online for thyroid panels and offer an inexpensive and confidential means of testing for problems such as hyperthyroidism. This is a problem that affects many people in America and occurs when the thyroid becomes over active and secretes too many of its enzymes into the blood. Conversely, it is possible to detect signs of a sluggish thyroid that is too inactive.

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THBR Thyroid

THBR is short for Thyroxine hormone binding ratio and is concerned with T3 uptake. It measures the level of proteins that are thyroid hormone binding in the blood. The net result of this type of thyroid test is that it estimates how much thyroxin binding globulin or TBG is present in the blood. If TBG is high, there will be less T3 in the blood. If this is the case, then it suggest hyperthyroidism. If there is too much T3 in the blood and not enough T4 Thyroxine, then it suggests a sluggish thyroid that is becoming or has become too inactive.

Thyroid and Lifestyle

Before taking a panel test, do some research on thyroid tests and test results. This will help you know what to check for Thyroid ratio and what labs are in a Thyroid panel. Just remember that doing the test is just the start of the process. Next you will have to research the problem and talk to a physician to try to solve it or to treat the symptoms.

Thyroid Hormone Binding Ratio

The thyroid hormone binding ratio or THBR can be tested using the thyroid panel. Getting this panel must be done legally in the United States. These tests must be done with a prescription and a legally held requisition form. As a result of this, KwikMed cannot prescribe the panel in certain states such as Utah and Massachusetts. KwikMed are licensed to prescribe online for panels in other states, so check first to see if your state is part of the program or not. Next, you should decide what panel is best for you. There are many options, but if you have a suspicion it might help to target these tests first. Naturally, in this case it is the three part thyroid panel. When searching, make sure you spell terms correctly as typing Thyroid palel or Tyroid pannel can lead to fake sites and scams.

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The purchasing process for the thyroid panel with KwikMed is simple. First you need to register an account or if you already have one, log into it. This will take you to the quick, five minute consultation phase. Once you pay for the panel, you will receive an email within 24 hours. This will contain a requisition form that you can use to get a test done at your local lab. Once done, KwikMed will be able to inform you of the results within five days.

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