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Tips While Taking Chantix

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For men and women in America who want to give up smoking, there are quite a few options from patches to going cold turkey. Since 1996, one of these has been medication. Chantix has helped thousands of people across America give up smoking for good. Some scientists now think it may hold the key to solving alcohol addiction as well. If you want Chantix, or as it is also known Varenicline, buy online with a prescription to save some money. When starting your Chantix online prescription, it is good to research what to to expect while on Chantix.

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What to Expect With Chantix

You will be given a 12 week course of Chantix. It works as a partial agonist, which means it stimulates the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor, but it does not produce dopamine. If you strike up conversation with smokers, you will find the biggest problem is the craving. Chantix helps to stop the cravings, while also satisfying them. By stopping dopamine production, there is no high and a reduction in cravings next time out.

What to Expect When Stopping Chantix

Due to the fact that Chantix affects neural receptors, it can have other effects on the body. Negative side effects can include headaches, nausea, sleeping problems and depression. If the headaches are continuous or if the other problems present themselves, speak to a physician at once. It is a risk that no prescription Chantix will have worse effects. If the medicine works well, do not stop taking the Chantix until you complete the 12 week course. This makes giving up smoking more likely to be permanent.

What if One Continues to Smoke While Taking Chantix

If you continue to smoke while taking Chantix, the medicine may not be working. Cravings will be reduced if you smoke less often and give up entirely. Physicians will prescribe a second 12 week batch of Chantix if the first does not work. As with the first, you must use legal Chantix only as it is illegal to buy Chantix without prescription or to import copies. This is for safety as illegal versions have not been tested and may have an adverse effect on your health.

Where to Buy Box of Chantix

You can buy a box of Chantix from KwikMed. This is because KWikMed are licensed to prescribe online. First you will need to select Chantix, then create an account with the company or login to an existing one. You will be taken through a five minute consultation to assess your need and compatibility. After this you can pay for the medication and arrange delivery. Just remember to read the instructions before taking. It is also good to get all the information about Chantix as you start taking it. You can start taking Chantix without starter pack information, but it is good to be as educated as possible to know all about the medication including any side effects and proper procedures while on the Chantix.

Learn how to buy chantix® online at KwikMed.com

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