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Trouble Getting an Erection

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Erectile dysfunction is not uncommon and more than 50% of men are likely to experience difficulties at some point during their lives. If this is something you are currently experiencing, whether you have struggled to get erections for some time or it is a relatively new problem, it can not only affect your relationship with your partner, but it can also take its toll on your mental well-being. Finding that you are not getting erections can disappoint both of you and prevent you from achieving a fulfilling sex life. However, it can also cause you a great deal of anxiety and may also lead to low mood and reduced self-esteem. Effective medications are available for erectile dysfunction though, which can help you to once more get a satisfying erection.

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Can’t Get Erect

If you find that you can’t get it up anymore, there might be a simple explanation for your difficulty achieving an erection. For example, performance anxiety often affects men and is common if you have concerns about your appearance or worry that you can’t satisfy your partner. This anxiety can reduce blood flow to your penis, which is why problems getting an erection is a typical symptom. Alternatively, your lifestyle may also get in the way of you achieving a reliable erection. For instance, drinking heavily, taking drugs and allowing yourself to get overly tired can all make it difficult to get erect. However, not getting an erection isn’t the only symptom that can cause problems in the bedroom.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Besides difficulty getting erect, you may also struggle to maintain your erection. If this is the case, you may not stay erect long enough to allow intercourse. Premature ejaculation may additionally occur alongside a soft erection, but this is not always the case, as ejaculation problems often affect men who are able to achieve and keep an erection, they just ejaculate too early. However, what some men with erectile dysfunction find is that there are certain situations in which they have no difficulty with their erections. For instance, although you may be unable to get erect with your partner, you may sometimes wake in the morning with an erection or you may easily get erect when you masturbate. If this is the case, it suggests performance anxiety or stress could be to blame rather than a physical cause.

Erection Problems

If you’re wondering what the other reasons are for why can’t guys get hard, an undiagnosed health problem may explain the difficulties you have with erections. Often a condition that affects blood flow to your penis, such as heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes, is the cause. Alternatively, a neurological condition like multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease can interfere with the nerve impulses that usually control your ability to have an erection. Certain conditions that affect hormone levels, such as an underactive or overactive thyroid, may also interfere with erectile function. Finally, a wide range of medication, from water tablets and blood pressure to pills to antidepressants and treatment for hay fever, can cause erection problems.

How to Get Hard and Stay Hard

To get a better erection anxiety management is the key if you suffer from performance worries. Meanwhile, if an underlying health problem is behind your symptoms, getting this under control with treatment will often help you to achieve an erection more easily. Similarly, losing excess weight, eating a healthy diet and taking regular exercise can also help if you are diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure or circulatory problems, as this will naturally improve blood flow to your penis. However, if you have a physical problem behind your erection difficulties, managing this won’t promise you instant results in the bedroom. For this reason, erectile dysfunction medication offers a safe and convenient option for most men, helping you to achieve a pleasing erection. These drugs work by effectively enhancing penile blood flow, letting you resume your normal sex life. Take an online consult today to assess your suitability for Viagra and experience the benefits for yourself.

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