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KwikMed are licensed to prescribe online in America and this includes offering wellness test kits to people in most states in the Union. One of these is a urinalysis kit that tests urine for a range of substances and possible conditions. If you are worried about your health and body, testing your urine is one way to find out what is going on along with blood samples. For example, this could be used to check Urea and Creatinine Liver Damage or for renal failure.

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Urine Requisition Form

Obtaining a urine requisition form from KwikMed is a simple process. You will need to create an account with the company or log into an existing one. You then select the urinalysis panel and go through a quick five minute consultation. This is free. You then pay for the panel. Within 24 hours you will be emailed a requisition form, which you are to print and take to your local laboratory. The significance of the physical phase of urinalysis will take place here because the company will take the urine sample and analyze it. KwikMed will notify you in your private account of the results within five days.

What are the Ranges for Normal UECR Results

Normal urine results will range from dark yellow to almost colorless, though some foods can change the color, so do not be worried about red urine if you like eating beets. The test results themselves will look for abnormal results such as wrong glucose, ketone, protein and bilirubin levels. You can ask your physician if a white blood cell count of 60 in urinalysis is wrong or not.

Pancreatitis lab findings + high urea

There are three stages of urinalysis. Physical examination looks at the color, chemical examination looks at nine substances in the urine and microscopic examination looks at cells and crystals in sample. If you have pancreatitis this can turn up in the analysis and the physician will advise you about what to do next. This can include lifestyle changes, but also what medications are recommended for dealing with such problems. KwikMed do have a range of prescription medications as well as test panels.

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