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VDRL Test For Syphylis

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A VDRL Test is a laboratory test for venereal disease which is designed to show up the syphilis infection in someone who thinks they may be suffering from it. They may have presented to a physician with the early stage ulcers called chancres. These can appear on the genitals, hands, mouth and as syphilis blisters on feet. Similarly, the may have looked at syphilis symptoms in women pics online and found that what they have looks similar to what they have seen in the photographs.

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Syphilis Test Lab

A Syphilis Test Lab is the place in which a VDRL Test will be analyzed to see if the antigens for the disease are present in the bloodstream. The syphilis virus goes by the latin name of Trepodema Pallidum and will usually start to show itself in the body anytime from 1 week after infection onwards. Sometimes it takes up to 9 months for the virus to present fully, but the earlier testing takes place, the better. There are 3 main syphilis stages of development – primary, secondary and tertiary. The primary stage, a blister, is described above, but the second and third stages can be more severe, with symptoms ranging from fever, headaches and fatigue in the former, whilst life changing symptoms such as blindness, hearing loss and mental health problems can occur in the final stage. The disease can lay dormant in the system for many years and then suddenly start to affect the sufferer again.

Home Syphilis Test

A Home Syphilis Test can be an effective and above all, a private way of finding out whether you have the infection or not. You may want to undertake the test if you feel you have been exposed to any of the following syphilis transmission methods. It can be caught by having unprotected sexual intercourse either anally, vaginally or orally with someone who is infected. Similarly, it can also be caught from sex toys that have been used by a sufferer. It cannot be caught by touching someone who has it, by shaking their hand or hugging them. Neither can it be transferred by saliva, by sharing towels or swimming pools.

Syphilis Rash On Face

Noticing the signs of syphilis means that testing should not be delayed. You can rely on a company like KwikMed to provide efficient and discreet testing. Register for an account with us, undertake a short consultation with one of our doctors who will send you the right form for testing, usually within a day. You take this to a test center locally and have the samples taken. These are tested and the results are posted securely to your account within five days. It really is as easy as that.

Syphilis Prevalence Worldwide

Current syphilis rates show that there may be as many as 12 million people newly infected with it, worldwide, every year. This is clearly a worry and shows that effective treatment and testing is required to bring these figures down. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone if you are suffering, as if you are treated soon enough you can help prevent the condition worsening and the severe tertiary syphilis long term effects from occuring. Syphilis treatment history shows that the best way of controlling the illness is to give a staged treatment of penicillin, given in long term release injections. This may be followed by a seperate course of secondary antibiotics, which might include Doxycycline. These medications will treat the cause of the illness but won’t get rid of any damage that has been caused by the infection lying dormant in your system.

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