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If you have a discount coupon for Viamedic or a similar retailer and you need to make a purchase for say hair loss treatment or stop smoking medication, choosing to buy these drugs online is a convenient and cost-effective option. Not only is there no need to take time out of your busy schedule to see a doctor face to face for a prescription, but you don’t need to visit a pharmacy to collect your Propecia or Chantix pills. You won’t pay a premium for the ease of purchasing medication online either. The drugs for sale are reasonably priced, particularly if you are able to use a Viamedic coupon or an alternative discount voucher available for one of the other online retailers.

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Beyond cost savings and convenience, the other advantage of making an online purchase is that by doing so you can feel more comfortable if the medication you wish to buy is for a purpose you feel uneasy discussing with your own doctor. Perhaps after contraceptive failure you require the emergency contraception pill Ella? Alternatively, if impotence is a problem, erectile dysfunction medications can be bought online; you are probably most familiar with Viagra, but another two – Levitra and Cialis – are also available. Using your coupon for Viamedic or for another online drugstore allows you to receive the medication you require without the embarrassment that may deter you from making a doctor’s appointment.

However, despite these benefits of buying medications over the internet, you may have some concerns about doing so and a number of questions you would like answered before you go ahead and use your voucher. Here we answer some of the most common queries in relation to obtaining tablets online.

Is It Legal?

Licensed providers of medication online are lawfully able to issue certain tablets to customers following a detailed medical assessment conducted over the internet. However, not all companies have a license; any based in the US must do so to practice legally and it is best to avoid those based overseas, as even if they have been approved, the same rigorous standards may not have been necessary to meet this. It is important that you check the site you are intending to use for evidence of their license. If you cannot find mention to this, the chances are they are unlicensed and you should look for a reputable supplier such as KwikMed. Buying from an unapproved drug supplier could place your health in danger, as you have no guarantee that the products they are selling are genuine and if they do not take the necessary precautions to assess your medical history, the tablets may not even be suitable for you. Additionally, you run the risk that you may not receive the tablets and the purpose of the site was simply to obtain your personal details or information about your payment cards.

Do You Need a Prescription?

For prescription-only medications, of which those for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, smoking cessation and emergency contraception all are, they can only be sold following the issue of a prescription. This is the case whether you obtain them via your usual doctor and local pharmacy or online; even if you only are receiving a small sample as part of a free trial, this is required. All trusted websites will make reference to the fact that they will issue a prescription for you following a medical consultation and if this element is missing, you should look elsewhere for your medication. If you would rather use the prescription issued by the online prescriber at a pharmacy of your choice, this is usually possible. However, a processing fee will be required, so you may find that it is more cost-effective to make use of the whole package available to you when you purchase medication through their website. Having a prescription issued also means that if you decide to use the tablets again, which may be the case with Viagra and its counterparts or Propecia, which needs to be taken in the longer-term to maintain hair re-growth, you will be able to receive the medication even more easily; just a shortened medical questionnaire needs to be completed to check that nothing has changed since the last issue.

Is It Safe?

By using the services of a trusted online prescriber such as KwikMed, you should not need to have any concerns with regards to your safety. Any potential contra-indications for a particular drug will be picked up at the consultation stage – so if you suffer from depression you may not be able to take Chantix or if you are taking certain medications for blood pressure Levitra would not be advised. While there is no guarantee that you won’t experience any side-effects from a medicine – and not even the best doctor can anticipate this – this is the same whether you receive genuine pills from your local pharmacy or one used by a reputable internet-based company. It is therefore important to take the usual steps to familiarize yourself with any adverse effects that may occur with the tablets you are prescribed and to remain vigilant for these when you start taking them. Any licensed online prescriber will take measures to ensure that you can either contact a doctor or pharmacist should you be concerned after you commence your medication.

Will I Receive Genuine Pills?

You may have seen companies offering generic tablets and you may have been tempted if you noticed these were a cheaper option. However, as you may be aware, not all medications have a generic version that is legally available; at the moment this is the case for all three of the drugs for impotence that are available online. Asking this question, you may also know that generic pills can also be of questionable quality – they may not contain the right dose, may include contaminants and in certain instances may be a different drug entirely. You therefore don’t want to take the risk that they won’t be effective – particularly if the consequences of drug failure are significant, as is the case with Ella – or they may cause unwanted problems. Therefore using a respected company is the best way to be assured that you will receive branded medication; just looking at a website such as KwikMed’s will reassure you that they only provide genuine drugs. Although not available year round, a coupon 2013 is one way to remove the need to buy questionable generics.

Will My Doctor Know?

If you would rather that your usual doctor did not know about your Cialis prescription or whichever drug it is you have bought online, choosing a trusted supplier you can be confident that the details of your online consultation will be kept private. This means that your doctor won’t be informed and your confidential information will not be available to anyone else. However, if you do experience any problems on taking a medication you obtained online and need to seek medical attention, it is important that you let your physician know which medication you have taken; this will allow them to advise on the most appropriate course of action, enabling you to receive timely treatment. Another instance when it is best practice to inform your doctor of your purchase is if they are to commence you on any new tablets, as there is the potential that the two drugs may interact. With the knowledge of the additional pills you are taking, your doctor will be able to check whether there are any known interactions between the two drugs, allowing them to change the choice of treatment for either condition if necessary.

How Can I Pay?

Once you have received the news that you can receive a prescription for your medication of choice, you will be requested to make a secure payment. If you were looking to use your health insurance as a form of payment, while this can’t be used directly, your provider will be able to advise whether you can claim back the amount spent on your online drug purchase; when this is crucial to you, it is advisable to confirm this prior to making the payment to protect yourself from financial difficulty. You may be interested to know that Flex Spending Accounts and Health Reimbursement Arrangements are an acceptable way to pay; this is certainly the case with KwikMed. If you have come across a Viamedic coupon and choose to use their site, if the voucher is within date you will receive a discount on your purchase, helping towards the cost of treatment. However, if you are interested in receiving a price reduction – which most people are if they can find them – you will be pleased to hear that discounts are also available with KwikMed, as are free trials; though as with any website these are subject to availability.

How Will My Medication Be Delivered?

A swift prescription service is accompanied by prompt delivery, so you will not have to wait long to receive your purchase; this applies even if you have used a discount coupon, as you are not penalized for doing so. However, besides the delivery time, you may have concerns that it may be evident from the packaging what is contained within; the last thing you want is for your neighbors or co-workers to know that you have used a Viagra coupon. This is not an issue though when you use a company that takes its customers’ confidentiality seriously. For instance, with KwikMed your pills will be shipped in an envelope that doesn’t bear the name of the contents, only the pharmacy that dispensed them; no one would ever know what was inside unless you told them. The envelope can’t just be delivered as usual mail though, as you or another adult will need to sign for it; if no one is home during the day though you might prefer it to be delivered to your place of work.

What Happens if I change My Mind about the Drugs?

Once you have purchased the drugs and they have been delivered to you, the tablets cannot be returned to the supplier. This is no different from the protocol used by pharmacies around the US, as while you may have taken good care of the medication once you received it, the pharmacy has no guarantee of that, so they err on the side of caution and do not accept returns. FDA guidance is however available on how pills can be disposed of in a safe manner. Bearing this in mind it is therefore important to ensure that you are certain when making a purchase that you indeed want the drugs you opt for, as even a Viagra coupon can work out a costly mistake if you are left with pills you decide not to use.

Can I Get Refills?

As with the traditional method of purchasing medication, you can obtain a refill. If it is less than a year since the initial prescription was issued, it will be possible to complete a short reassessment to check that it is still advisable for you to take the tablets; a change in your general health or starting a new medication could be an issue, which this brief check is designed for. All being well you will be issued with a repeat supply of medication just as before. This time round you may even be able to use a coupon 2013 you might have come across.

What if There Is a Problem with the Medication?

Although using a trusted supplier greatly reduces any issues with receiving the correct medication, there is always a chance that this might occur. However, using a licensed operator, you know that you will be able to speak to someone if any problems do arise. So whether you think that possibly the wrong medication may have been sent to you, you are concerned about side-effects once you start taking it or you merely wish to seek clarification about something, you know that you will either be able to speak to someone from customer services, a doctor or pharmacist depending on your problem. Advice will be given and any issues addressed. The chance to pick up the phone and speak to a real person at the other end is always reassuring when you are dealing with medication and your health. At any point during the purchasing process, when you use KwikMed you know that someone will be on hand to answer your questions or concerns.

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