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If you find that you now have soft erections that interfere with your ability to have satisfying sex, you are not alone, as the majority of men will suffer from erectile dysfunction as they age. However, the problem is not limited to older men, as even men in their early twenties may experience disappointing erections. Thankfully, you do not need to put up with weak erections, as identifying the cause of your erection troubles and getting treatment will let you achieve a pleasing erection again.

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Penis Not Hard

A poor erection despite having the desire to have sex is frustrating for both you and your partner. However, erection problems can cause more than just a strain on your relationship. Struggling to get hard can really knock your confidence, causing low-self esteem and anxiety, which can often make the problem worse. This is because even without erectile dysfunction, worries and stress can interfere with your ability to get erect, as the release of stress hormones reduces blood flow to your penis and without this you cannot get hard. There isn’t always a psychological explanation for the symptoms of impotence though, so it is important you get these checked out to rule out a more serious cause.

Impotence Symptoms

Erections not as hard as they used to be are not the only symptom of erectile dysfunction. For instance, some men find that they cannot achieve an erection at all no matter what the situation. However, it is still a sign of erectile dysfunction if you sometimes manage an erection, but cannot consistently do so with your partner. For other men the problem is not getting an erection, but sustaining it for long enough to have sex. Alternatively, men may suffer from early ejaculation, though this isn’t strictly a symptom of impotence, as premature ejaculation can occur independently of problems relating to erection.

Erection Difficulties

If you wonder why you can’t get hard for girlfriend or partner, having ruled out a psychological cause, a physical health problem can often explain the difficulties you may have getting a satisfying erection. For example, if you have diabetes, raised blood pressure or a history of circulatory disease, these can all damage the blood vessels that supply your penis and leave you with a soft penis despite sexual stimulation. Another group of conditions that can interfere with your ability to get erect are those that affect your nerves, as if the transmission of nerve impulses to your penis is disrupted, this can also leave you soft. However, you may alternatively have a hormone imbalance or a structural problem within your penis that makes strong erections difficult to achieve. Although you shouldn’t stop any medication without first seeking advice from your doctor, a variety of tablets are additionally known for the negative impact they have on erection strength.

How to Get Harder Erections

Once you know the cause of your erection troubles, it is possible to make embarrassing erections a thing of the past. However, even if you receive treatment for a physical condition that makes getting hard a problem, this doesn’t offer you a quick fix, as it may take many months for medication and lifestyle changes to take full effect. This is why pills for erectile dysfunction are so useful, offering you pleasing results when other treatments are yet to work or have failed to offer you an improved erection. By blocking the breakdown of a smooth muscle relaxant, tablets like Viagra help you to enhance the blood flow to your penis when you receive stimulation, allowing you to get and sustain a satisfying erection. Although you need a prescription to enjoy the benefits of Viagra, this is easily available following a medical assessment online, so take a consultation now to see how much stronger your erections can be.

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