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What Does Blood Chloride Mean

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Chloride is among the most important electrolytes found in the blood. It is used by the body to balance the liquid levels inside and outside of the cells and its levels instigates osmosis, the passing of liquid through the cell membrane. It is important in the maintenance of blood pressure, PH and blood volume in the body. As a result of its importance, KwikMed offer a blood chloride panel test, so patients can find out what their blood chloride level is and determine if they need any medical treatment to adjust that level. The test is available in most states, but not all, so check carefully before applying for one.

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What Could Low Bun and Creatinine Levels with High Chloride Be?

For adults the quantity of chlorides normally found in blood should be 96-106 mEq/L and in children it should be 90-110 mEq/L, though it should be noted newborns are expected to have 96-113 mEq/L. If you are having a urine sample taken it should be 140-250 mEq per 24 hours in adults, 64-176 mEq/24h in children and 15-40 mEq/24h for children under six. Anything outside of these ranges is abnormally low or high. You might ask what do you take if your chloride is out of range? The best advice is to speak to a physician who will look at other problems, your lifestyle, conditions and medications before making an informed decision.

What Do Low Chloride Levels Indicate

What does a low chloride level indicate? Low levels of blood or urine chloride may be caused by too little salt in the diet, a syndrome or inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion or SIADH, Addison’s disease, metabolic alkalosis which increases the pH level of the blood, heart failure or ongoing vomiting. It is important to understand what might affect the test results before asking for help. Being dehydrated may increase blood chloride levels and conversely, drinking too much will make them too low. Any medications you may be on such as estrogens and corticosteroids may affect the level. A physician will need to examine these before determining the cause of the low chloride problem.

What Do High Chloride Levels Mean

What does increased chloride levels mean? It means one of several things. Firstly, you may be ingesting too much salt in your diet. Second, you could be dehydrated due to vomiting or diarrhea. Thirdly, you may have renal failure or some kind of kidney disease. Finally, it may be symptomatic of hyperparathyroidism or in other terms, an overactive parathyroid gland. Your physician will be able to explain what is a high chloride level and how to lower the level through diet and lifestyle changes and through medication if necessary. Just remember that the blood or urine test will not provide enough information for a diagnosis, so you may have to do other tests with a physician, but it will give you an indication of what is going on in you body.

Pancreatitis High Chloride

To find out why do chloride levels decrease in pancreatitis it is a good idea to get the blood chloride panel done. If you can do so in your state, you should register for an account with KwikMed or log into an existing one if you have it. This will take you onto the consultation phase, which is quick and easy for a panel test. You will then pay for the panel. Within 24 hours KwikMed will email a requisition form for you to print out and take to a specified local laboratory. This is where your tests will take place. Once finished, KwikMed will notify you of the test results within five days. After this, you will be able to work out the problem with your physician.

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