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What Labs are Required for STD Screening?

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KwikMed are licensed to prescribe online for STD screening panels. These are specific for each disease being tested for as different STDs have different causes and natures in the blood and urine as well as different symptoms. Sexually transmitted diseases are often the result of unprotected sex of any kind, even oral for some like herpes. Some of them, like HIV and hepatitis, can be transmitted through blood in the form of transfusions or needle sharing as well as through sexual intercourse. Before embarking on a new sexual relationship, it can be a good idea to get tested for STDs even if it is just to make sure rather than because of a suspicion. KwikMed can provide testing panels for Americans in most states, but not all, so make sure your state allows this kind of prescription before you order one.

Test Price Order
Complete Blood Count (CBC) $39 Order Now
Cholesterol – Lipid Panel $49 Order Now
Online Drug Testing $99 Order Now
Electrolyte Screening $49 Order Now
Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence) Panel $99 Order Now
Men’s Fertility Screening $89 Order Now
Women’s Fertility Screening $89 Order Now
Liver Function Testing $49 Order Now
PSA Testing (A test that screens for prostate cancer) $49 Order Now
Renal – Kidney Testing $49 Order Now
Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening $225 Order Now
Thyroid Function Testing $49 Order Now
Urinalysis Panel $29 Order Now
Men’s Wellness Screening $159 Order Now
Women’s Wellness Screening $159 Order Now

What Tubes Do You Use for STD Screening

Most STD screening tests involve urine and blood samples, rather than swabs or tubes. These tests are seen as more accurate than other ones and so are now standard within the KwikMed screening process. Before doing a screening, research the types of STDs and any symptoms you may have or have had. There are STD gonorrhea pictures. These will help you to decide what labs are drawn for STD infections you may have.

What Does the Usual STD Screening Include

Usual STD screening includes a blood sample or a urine test. This depends on what is being screened for. These tests are looking for examples of the disease itself or its affects on the body or antibodies produced to fight it. The KwikMed process is simple and easy. If you live in a participating state, you will need to register an account with the company or login to an existing one if you have it. This will make it possible to go on to the consultation phase, which examines existing conditions and medications. You will then pay for the panel or panels and wait for an email. Usually sent within 24 hours, this will contain a requisition form for you to print and take to a nearby laboratory. The lab will perform the test and send the results to KWikMed, who will put them on your private account. If you have a positive result, you should speak to a physician as soon as possible to determine your treatment plan.

What STD with Symptoms Sores on Hand and Feet

Syphilis is one STD that can result in sores on the hand and feet. This might be the answer to the questions such as what sexually transmitted disease causes your feet to mess up and others. The panel tests can tell you if you have untreated gonorrhea or whether a STD bug bite looking sore is really an STD or just a bug bite. For questions involving different symptoms, diseases and questions concerning syphilis and gonorrhea and left handedness, speak to a physician who specializes in STDs for more advice.

Which STD has Three Distinct Stages

Syphilis is the STD with three distinct stages. Primary syphilis is the first stage and involves a skin lesion, which is known as a chancre. This will clear up by itself. The secondary stage occurs ten weeks or so after infection and involves various other symptoms. It is possible sometimes that symptoms will not show in what is called latent syphilis. Tertiary syphilis will develop years later and involves various different symptoms such as gumma tumors or damage to the central nervous system. It is important to catch syphilis early using the STD test. KwikMed syphilis testing involves a rapid plasma reagin or RPR test, which looks for antibodies produced to try and fight the infection. Once found, speak to your physician about a treatment plan.

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