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Where Can You Buy the Morning After Pill

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Ella, or EllaOne in Europe, is a morning after pill available on prescription in the United States of America. It is a selective progesterone receptor modulator, which helps women who may have had unprotected sex or whose contraception failed for some reason. It is an emergency pill that helps to stop 60 percent of unplanned pregnancies and is one of the most effective medicines of its kind. As a result, the FDA approved the medicine in 2010, so it is possible to buy morning after pill online. This is important because for those who want to buy morning after pill packs like Ella, cannot always do so in store.

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Can You Buy the Morning After Pill Online

Yes, you can order the morning after pill online so long as you obtain a prescription. This is because Ella is a prescription only morning after pill. This is because of the eventual outcome of using the drug and because of its mechanism of action. The medicine should be used for what its prescribed reason and it should be a last resort. At all times other contraceptive methods should be used first. As a result of this, Ella can only legally be prescribed by a doctor. According to FDA rules, it is illegal to buy Ella without prescription, or to buy a generic copy or to get a foreign import no matter the origin. It is considered dangerous to use untested Ella or to self-medicate the drug.

Can I Order the Morning After Pill On Line

When you buy morning after pills online it is important to understand how they work. Ella is a partial agonist and antagonist within the body. It has effects on the progesterone receptor and also the glucocorticoid receptor. The pill is effective because it delays ovulation by up to five days in order to prevent the egg from interacting with the sperm. As sperm can live for up to five days the pill has a good chance of inhibiting pregnancy.

Can I Buy Morning After Pills

You can order Ella discreetly online with a licensed company. KwikMed are licensed to prescribe online, so it is possible to buy morning after pill online next day delivery discreetly. After picking the medicine, KwikMed require you to log in to an existing account or to register a new one. This is a simple process and includes name, address and so on. KwikMed will insist on a consultation as there are some drug and condition interactions that make Ella dangerous to take. For example, liver disease is a no no and new mothers who are breast feeding ought to refrain from doing so around the time of taking the pill. If approved, KwikMed will ask for payment so you can get morning after pill online next day delivery.

Buy the Morning After Pill Online

The pill is effective for 5 day, after pill order packs may not be effective. As sperm can live in the body for up to five days it is important to order the Ella as soon as possible because it can take at least a day to arrive. Take the medicine when you have read the instructions with water. Be careful when taking the medicine, if you are already pregnant the pill can cause health problems. Common side effects you may suffer will include abdominal pain and temporary menstrual disorder. These should not be worrying. Less likely are headaches and nausea. If problems persist, talk to a physician for advice. The long term taking of such pills is not recommended, but there is no known affect on female fertility from doing so. Morning after pill questions can be answered at KwikMed. Morning after pill where to buy information and instructions, and buy the morning after pill all at KwikMed.

Learn how to buy ella® online at KwikMed.com

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